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Amongst the different social media platforms that are currently present, YouTube has been able to secure an important place for itself. YouTube is a video-sharing website where different users can upload, view and share the videos that they make. The videos can be extremely short and they can be very long as well. YouTube has been able to take a position for itself and has proved its importance in terms of helping out businesses and individuals to promote their work and the product and services that could develop an interest in the people.

On YouTube, everyone is allowed to make various channels where they can put up all their content in terms of videos and be able to share whatever their content is based on.

The videos created can be for educational purposes, for spreading information, entertaining purposes which can include the unlimited web series now available, entire movies, sports matches and even providing them with any kind of news or tutorials on different products as well.

In the beginning, YouTube was a simple website used by people to view videos but later it was able to enhance the services it provided by connecting with different applications, highlighting the importance of subscriptions and be able to encourage people to use videos as a form of communication as well.

These videos can now be downloaded as well and be used as podcasts, presentations and as infographics as well.

These videos can also be customer reviews related to a product or a service, a webinar which can be both entertaining and informative, a training video or even an explanatory video helping to learn something specific; a task or any skill.

These increased and advanced modifications in YouTube has only been able to increase the importance of YouTube more than it already has and has helped various businesses and individual channels to grow which have now started to view YouTube as an opportunity rather than just a website to view various videos.

Another great point about YouTube is that the viewership of YouTube is in billions and it contains this viewership from all over the world.

It is mainly for one of the reasons why the interest in YouTube has massively increased and marketing efforts that were solely being made on other marketing strategies have started to involve YouTube and YouTube marketing to increase the subscribers as well.

To some extent, it can be considered as marketing in the new and developed times as well.

What are YouTube subscribers?

In simple words, YouTube subscribers are those individuals or the various channels that decide to follow your YouTube channel.

They begin to follow your content when they like it and are completely impressed by it.

They also do this to get notifications regarding your next video regardless of the time when it gets uploaded on YouTube and they can view it.

Apart from watching your video, they are the ones who actively comment and share the videos as well.

Having a strong subscriber’s base means that the presence of the specific channel online is very good and well known.

Having a large base of subscribers can also be very effective as it can help to attract a numerous amount of audience and further target the audience to increase the number of subscribers and be able to achieve the set goals which at times leads people to buy YouTube subscribers.

Two types of subscribers

Keeping in view the important role of subscribers there are mainly two types of subscribers.

One is the free YouTube subscribers which are also known as organic YouTube subscribers and the other is when various companies and individuals buy these subscribers to increase their subscriber’s base and meet their goals.

Both cater to the need of increasing the subscriber’s base but where one takes a proper way and is somewhat a little longer path to increasing the number of subscribers.

Similarly, the second one helps to achieve the target in a comparatively less amount of time.

Free YouTube subscribers

To get free YouTube subscribers everything is done by the book and a proper timeline is created where different efforts are made and proper campaigns are designed.

After these campaigns are designed and a proper budget is allocated, there is some extra effort that is put in at various times as well.

After that, the marketing plan is put into action and it is assumed that free YouTube subscribers shall be achieved and the channel along with the videos will gain popularity and be able to gather the amount of audience that was estimated.

At times, it is also assumed that it will help to at least reach the target set for the number of subscribers but there is a drawback.

Even after this, it is not a complete surety that the marketing plan that has been set in place will be able to help reach the target number of subscribers and help in the promotion of the channel, rather it should be realized that it takes a good amount of time to achieve the target number.

It is because of these reasons that the second option was created and was able to gain popularity and being widely considered by the people as well. It is to buy YouTube subscribers.

Buy YouTube subscribers

The second type is to buy YouTube subscribers. Buying these subscribers is easy and time-saving but it does require a certain amount of money being spent.

The facility of buying subscribers is very easily available on the internet and is available in different types and packages.

These packages vary from one another.

They are present on discounted rates and range from basic to deluxe packages as well where the service being provided is regarding the subscribers and there is customer service available as well.

While some packages only provide a package focused on a single service, there are different other package deals as well which can provide a combination of different services.

Some of the websites that are present are very thorough and help to understand how buying YouTube subscribers can help their channel, what are the benefits and that the act of buying YouTube subscribers is not at all illegal, it is very much legal.

At times the websites that are present also contain the reviews of the companies and people that have availed their service mentioning how happy and contended they are from their service and how the same website will be able to help you as well.

Along with this they also tend to provide different other facilities which can include buying YouTube likes or shares as well.

Apart from the fact that the followers are bought by the channel owners who buy YouTube subscribers, it is important to complete some of the important steps to increase your channel subscribers.

Steps to increase the number of subscribers

Creating a power playlist

A power playlist is like the common playlist where different videos are compiled together but it is slightly different.

Instead of compiling them according to a common topic, they are rather compiled according to the outcome.

This helps to maintain the interest of the viewers and eventually persuades them to subscribe to the channel.

The Channel Watermark

This is another step that is followed to increase subscribers. The channel watermark is the placement of the logo either in the entire video or towards the end of the video.

There is either a watermark or it can also be converted into a subscribe button so if a viewer likes your video, you can instantly persuade them and they directly subscribe to your channel.

Long Videos

Usually short and to the point videos are preferred but this is not the case if you want to increase your subscribers.

After different studies were conducted it was proved that the longer video shows better in the search results of YouTube than the comparatively shorter videos.

Therefore, longer videos mean more subscribers to the channel.

Strong ending notes

Strong ending notes mean that when the video is ending it is always recommended to keep reminding the viewers to like, share and subscribe to the channel.

This continuous reminder can help and also a few seconds when the screen ends, it is also possible to add more videos from different playlists on the screen and add the subscribe button as well.

In this way, before the video ends, the viewer finds another video of their interest and begins watching the videos of the particular channel.

Endless social media sharing

Endless social media sharing means that the more the videos are shared the more subscribers will be achieved.

In recent times, sharing has been playing a very important part and the fact that YouTube videos can now be shared on almost every forum.

Moreover, the links can also be copied and be shared as well. What’s better than this?

So, this eventually means that the more videos are shared, the content in the videos is being liked and then the number of subscribers will also increase.

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