10 Top MOST Profitable YouTube Niches

Before beginning a YouTube journey, you need to decide what niche to work on.

Knowing the purpose of your YouTube channel is crucial before pushing on. When you plan to build a YouTube channel, think of it with a business approach in mind.

The niche will lay the foundation of your YouTube business and will feather you with a direction. Emphasizing the quality of your content will yield a sustained business through your channel.

You’ll find many niches that are considered PROFITABLE on YouTube. But what matters is, what do you like the most, and what you’re good at! 

Today, we’ll discuss the top profitable niches that will have you shape your career and find the right direction.

So, keep reading till the end! 

Choosing a Niche

Picking the BEST niche highly depends on what type of content fascinates you. Passion driven content will always leave the audience enthusiastic because they sense the excitement.

It is better to look for what content is in demand and what content is most viewed—run down to one of the most profitable YouTube niches.

Most of all, be authentic and be who you are to stand out from the competitors. Your content should depict worthy and qualitative addition to YouTube. It boosts the viewer’s engagement and profit simultaneously.

So, the question arises here…

What are the highest-paying niches on YouTube?

This is one of the most asked questions for those that are just kick-starting their YouTube journey. And looking forward to ace in their desired niche.

YouTube has revamped up the lives of many through monetization policies, giving YouTubers an excellent opportunity to be exemplary content creators and earn money from it.

Below we have run-down some of the top-most profitable YouTube niches that would grant you financial freedom if done correctly.

Products Unboxing:

Do you want to generate a wealthy income by just showing off the products? Products Unboxing has got you covered with its increasing demand.

What do you need to do?

Buy brand new cool stuff such as PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone, and Samsung, tear their openings, film it, and upload it on YouTube. BOOM!! You’re good to go with your YouTube channel.

But why has this taken over the other profitable YouTube niches? Products unboxing is reasonably easy to make and can be a good source of entertainment for the masses.

So, the maximum number of the target audience is guaranteed. As a result, you can easily win new subscribers and millions of views within a couple of months.

unboxing videos

Fashion and Beauty:

It is one of the largest YouTube commonalities, with thousands of creators unfurling their talents. This niche makes room for clothing and makeup hauls, reviews, and first impressions to hair care, skincare, and personal grooming.

Today, fashion/Beauty YouTubers are one of the leading online influencers and celebrities buy their eminence.

You can make money via affiliate marketing, personal coaching on makeup, sell courses, sponsored product reviews, etc. Content creators associated with this niche stand in good stead.

For example, Jeffree Star makes approx $108,364 monthly from YouTube. It’s HUGE!

fashion and beauty

Health and Fitness:

If you have a story of transformation to connect with the audience, you will be high-flown. It’s more desirable to watch videos if you want to look for some exercises, workouts, and even yoga/meditation rather than just a written direction.

A lot of brands approach you for marketing purposes. If your channel attains a a significant level of YouTube analytics, sponsorship opportunities are offered time and again.

You can even sell your courses. You can emerge as an expert in your industry and niche if you’d do it correctly.

All you need to do is maintain a good reputation among people and PROVIDE them something worthy!

health and fitness

Personal and Travel Vlogs:

People love gossip. Giving the audience a peek into your daily life might be gripping. Daily vlogging is the easiest niche to work on. You need to record your everyday life, your opinions, and your thoughts.

Your whimsical personality or amusing way of filming videos will increase views. Once you get viral with a good number of subscribers, you can endorse brands. YouTube Adsense also helps you monetize your channel.

Travel vlogs is a niche for people who have enough money to travel periodically. It’s a fab idea for people with wanderlust. Just when you make it colossal, you may expect sponsorship from hotels and airlines.

You can make a good profit from affiliate marketing. Selling e-books and your travel guides will cash in on.

travel or vlogs niche

Gaming & Entertainment:

Gaming is a popular and one of the most trending niches on YouTube. You can easily find gazillions of different gaming YouTube channels that make handsome money by just playing games.

You just need to hardcore your gaming skills to standout yourself from other best YouTubers. One such example is the PubG mobile, which was released back in 2019.

Streaming of games is a great source of income for potential gamers. Do I even need to tell you the example? Pewdie Pie is your right answer, with a breathtaking 64 million subscribers.

gaming and entertainment

Sports-Related Videos:

Whether you’re a footballer, cricketer, swimmers, or any other sportsman, at some moment, you might have missed your favorite league match. By creating a sports channel, you can never run out of content.

Highlights of a particular match, be it any sport, can be a lifesaver for a sportsperson. If you’re good at something, film your skills and teach your viewers.

Viewers LOVE never dies for sports! And this niche can be seasonal but HOT when the right time comes.

sports related youtube niche

Social Experiments:

Do you love to record audience reactions? Then Pranks and social experiments might be the perfect niche for you to start.

This is a tough niche and requires a lot of confidence to communicate with random people and convince them about your work.

But if you’re good at this, you can fascinate your viewers and bring smiles to their faces. You can also use it for raising awareness about certain things, promoting people, objects, places, and the list goes on…

social experiments or pranks

Education Channel:

Are you an experienced teacher that hasn’t discovered the art of a virtual classroom?

Educating children online can be an excellent way to overcome anxiety and un- clarity of topics for many students.

If you genuinely know how to hook an audience with expert teaching skills, then you can expect your channel’s growth to do wonders.

educational niche

Food Reviews and Cooking Videos:

Foodies spend hours watching reviews of local restaurants to choose where to go next. You can target the audience living in your city. When your analytics get strong, a newly launched eatery invites you for food testing and sponsor reviews.

Similarly, foodies who enjoy cooking, love watching cooking videos. Selling your recipe books or teaching how to cook makes it a profitable niche for YouTube.

At this moment, cooking channels are becoming the top-viewed channels, especially this quarantine. All because people got time to do what they love.

food niche

Comedy Content:

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Comedy is considered to be the most profitable YouTube niches. It italicizes creators who entertain you with their high jinks.

You can either make full comedy content or indulge in funny challenges or pranks. If you’re good with banter, this niche is for you!

If your content is lively, viewers won’t hesitate to share and subscribe to your channel. An increase in engagement will help you monetize your channel via YouTube Adsense or sponsored videos.

comedy niche


You can figure out what kind of YouTube niche is highly profitable.

YouTube Keyword Planner or Google Ads gives you an insight into the most profitable YouTube niche.

It will help you start a YouTube business and plan a strategy. This article will provide thoughts and insights on the most valuable YouTube niche.

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