how to write youtube video title

3 Tips to Write Incredible YouTube Video Title

What makes you click on the video or article? Most probably, your answer would be “Title & thumbnail.This is why writing an incredible YouTube video title is essential in increasing CTR (click-through-rate).

You have to write a YouTube video title that encourages people to know more about what’s inside it. But, what makes it encouraging?

How would you increase the CTR of videos by crafting stunning titles? 

There are some psychological triggers that make people click and know more about the video. So, you can use those persuasion techniques. Also, you have to consider the YouTube algorithm. You should optimize the title to improve rankings.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 tips to write incredible YouTube video titles.

So, let’s get started!

3 Tips to write YouTube video title

Well, there are many ways by which you can make your video title more interesting, catchy, and sweet. But the most important thing that you shouldn’t miss if you can use will be discussed here.

And these tips are a MUST to grab the audience’s attention and raking on YouTube.

These are…

  • keywords-rich title 
  • add emotions in the title 
  • parentheses or digits in the title

By applying these tips, you’ll see a boost in the results. To understand and use these more efficiently, keep reading till the end.

Keywords-rich Video Title

Keywords are the phrases that people type in the search bar. And you should know your audience to understand what they’re looking for in a search engine.

By targeting the RIGHT phrase or keyword, you can reach your audience. Whenever viewers search something on YouTube related to the keywords (you added in the video content), your video will appear in the search results.

Videos appearing on the top (usually top 10) are more likely to be watched. So, you have to use the keywords wisely to rank your videos in the top ten.

For example, I typed “how to get ranked on YouTube” then a list of videos appeared in front of me. But the optimized videos with keywords-rich titles are on top. 

optimize youtube video title

Add emotions in YouTube Video Title

Emotions have a huge impact on us spiritually, mentally, and physically. If you’d add some powerful words that trigger the emotions, then viewers would click on your video.

The title and thumbnail are vital because that’s what people see first. Although, you’ve to keep them engaged throughout the video. You should have good communication skills and knowledge to provide, to your viewers.

However, you can also create curiosity in the reader’s mind. Craft titles that excite people to know what’s inside. For example, you may not know the #13 before, your mindset would be changed after knowing these facts, and so on.

interesting title of youtube videos

Include digits and parenthesis

Another factor that can make viewers click on your video is the parentheses and digits. Concise, list-based, and how-to titles get more attention. First of all, you have to understand the intent of your content (blog post, video, etc).

Then create a title that resonates with the content intent. If you’ve created a list based video, then you can add the digits in the title. For example, “24 editing software for newbies”, “how to do YouTube SEO [7 Proven Strategies].”

These kinds of titles are concise, and viewers get an idea of what they’ll get after watching a video. And they’ll click to watch it.

digits or parenthesis in video title


Writing a good title for a YouTube video is most important. As you’d be familiar with the fact that 300 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every minute. It’s hard to get the audience’s attention.

So, you’ve to write incredible video titles to increase the CTR. You can reach more people by implementing these tips and tricks.

Have you applied these tricks? If yes, then what was the response? Let us know in the comments below.