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6 Brilliant Hacks to Get the Perfect Lighting for YouTube Videos

Looking to get some shots or films done, but the lighting is not good enough to compromise? Then fret, no more. We have all the solutions to your questions. “How to get the best lighting for YouTube videos.

How a camera perceives light is different than how our eyes perceive it. A camera needs a good lighting setup for producing quality pictures. Shooting videos requires even more lighting.

So, it can be a tricky process to film a video. There are two major types of lights you can use. They are;

  • Natural lights
  • Artificial lights

Any video can be shot in Natural light, while different types of videos use other artificial lights. The following are the steps mentioned below that can help you shoot your videos with great lighting.

So, let’s get started!

Choose the Location for Filming Videos

It is the most critical step. Choosing a location before shooting can help you with lighting. You can see how the natural light and shadows will look in the video.

It will also help to determine how much artificial light you will need. The best area for the shooting will be where you will have maximum control over the lighting.

NOTE: Natural light is unpredictable. It changes with the weather. So, it is best to use artificial lighting set up for shooting the videos.

location for filming a video

Natural & Artificial Light

Some YouTubers use Natural Lighting for YouTube videos. It looks excellent on the camera, but it isn’t easy to set up. You will need to wait for a specific time of the day. So, it is tough to shoot a YouTube with natural light. Some pros and cons of filming with natural light are mentioned below:

Pros of natural light

  • The result is excellent.
  • It’s a budget-friendly option.
  • It has a calming effect on the person in front of the camera.
  • It is an energy-efficient option.

Cons for natural light

  • The video has to be shot at a specific time.
  • In unpredictable weather, the shooting has to be stopped.
  • It is more difficult to shoot a video in natural light.

Pros of artificial lights

  • You don’t have to choose a specific time. So, you can film the video whenever you want.
  • The setup is easier to work with than natural light.
  • You don’t have to depend on good weather.

Cons of artificial lights

  • It is an expensive option.
  • It is distressing.

recording a video with lighting

Use reflectors

Artificial light has a very harsh effect. To create a soft light that looks natural, use reflectors. It spreads the light evenly across the set.

Otherwise, your subject will appear blind by the lights resulting in a lousy quality of the video.

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3-point light set up

The 3-point light setup is the most common setup people use for YouTube videos. The brightest light of the setup is called Key light. The second light is called a fill light.

The function of the fill light is to remove the shadows cast by the key light. Fill light is always less intense than the key light because its only job is to eliminate the shadows.

The third light is called the backlight. It separates the background from the main subject.

3 point light set up

Select the right light temperature

There are two temperatures of light. These are warm and cool. Choose the right temperature of light. Select the one that looks most natural. The quality of the video will look low if the correct temperature is not set accurately.

lighting and temperature

Check for glare

If the person sitting in front of the camera wears glasses, then the lights’ shadow will be visible on the lenses. So, make sure it doesn’t happen. To avoid this issue, you can raise the lights high above the head of the person. That way, you can avoid this problem.

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check for glare

Final Words

Thus, setting up the correct lighting for YouTube videos might be a bit difficult. The light set up for a camera is different. But, following all of the steps that are mentioned above can help you achieve your goal.

Choose the location before filming the actual video. The next thing you should do is select what type of lighting setup will suit your purpose more. There are many different artificial lights available in the market.

Choose the perfect one from them to get the desired results and start shooting right away. And let us know in the comments section if you found this article useful!