how to rank on first page of youtube

6 Tips To Rank On The First Page of YouTube

Do you want to Rank Youtube Videos on the first page

Every YouTuber dreams of becoming a top paid YouTuber, and rank videos on the first page to get a bunch of subscribers, views, and viewers.

This can HAPPEN!

For this, you need a strategy and courage to keep moving on. Today, we will discuss the few tips that can help you rank on the first page of YouTube.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

Tip#1) YouTube Video SEO

The foremost thing you need to do is YouTube SEO. It works as a fuel for your channel and videos. The right SEO strategy can do wonders for you!

Make a list of keywords and then put them in the right order in title, description, and tags.

However, try to include the main keyword in the title and make sure it doesn’t seem a “keywords stuffing” because it may cause problems.

For YouTube keywords research, there are many tools and extensions out there.

In fact, YouTube itself can hand over you the bunch of search queries (suggestions in the search bar) if you’ll type something.

Those queries are the most useful if you use them wisely.

Youtube SEO to rank higer

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Tip#2) Create evergreen videos

Many YouTubers don’t pay heed to this fact. An evergreen content/video can do wonders for you. And it can help you stay on the 1st page for long.


If your videos will stay on the first page of YouTube for long, more people will like it, share it, and watch it.

Think of the topic that remains “most-wanted” all the time. It can be a motivational one, or you can choose any other topic.

If you’d try to build a relationship with the audience beyond educational stuff, then they will stick to your brand for long.

evergreen videos

Tip#3) Create Custom Thumbnails

Another ranking factor on YouTube is thumbnails. Custom and catchy thumbnails increase the CTR that means more people are likely to watch the video.

And YouTube considers this metric to rank the videos in the search results.

Ultimately, it increases the engagement that will help you rank on the first page.

There are many tools out there for creating attractive thumbnails. Best of all, most of them are FREE with stock images and templates.

custom thumbnails to rank on first page

Tip#4) Brand identity

What makes one person different from others? Why do we connect with someone?

It’s all because of the VALUES. Similarly, think of your brand as a personality.

Which values does your brand possess? And how would you connect people with your brand?

It’s more than a logo, website, or social media accounts.

You have to be good at creating long-term relationships with the online community if you want to emerge as a successful YouTuber.

brand identity for ranking

Tip#5) Engagement

Last but not the least, engagement on videos is another ranking factor. If your content is engaging, then YouTube itself promotes it, ranks the videos higher in the search results, and shows in the “recommended videos” section.

But how would you measure engagement for your videos?

Engagement is measured by few metrics and it can attract more viewers to watch your videos.

So what are these?

Likes, Comments, Views, Shares, Watch time! that’s it! YouTube measures the engagement rate by the above-mentioned metrics.

And this is why you see the hierarchy of videos in the search results, based on a few metrics.

engagement rate for ranking on youtube

Tip#6) Create engaging content

Another tip to rank on the first page of YoutTube is to create engaging content.

The purpose of one video should revolve around a single topic and you have to make it more appealing by good communication.

Also, use a KILLER HOOK in the first few seconds of your videos and then add CTA at the end of the video.

But don’t forget to make the whole video interesting for viewers. And must ask your viewers to subscribe, like, or share your videos.

But ask nicely, use persuasion techniques. Forcing them to take action will leave a bad impression.

create engaging content for youtube

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Wrapping up

How easy is it to rank videos on the first page of YouTube! All you need to do is create and implement the right strategy!

Without a plan, without a strategy, it’s like shooting in the dark!

So, follow up these tactics they’ll surely help you get the desired results.

If you found these tips useful, then let us know in the comments below!