To Get a Lot of Traffic on YouTube Channel [4 Proven Tecniques]

Every minute, 500 hours of videos being uploaded on YouTube. So, it has become a little bit hard to drive traffic on YouTube videos because of competition. But smart work can lead to success. Still, you can drive traffic to your YouTube channel to get the desired results.

There’s always a way to achieve goals. And that way is a strategy and long-term planning.

With a strategic approach, you can bring traffic on your YouTube videos and turn the viewers into subscribers.

In this article, I’ll list the 4 ways that can help you get a bundle of viewers, subscribers, views, and much more!

So, let’s get started!

Optimize the videos for search results

First of all, you’ve to optimize your videos for the search results. By optimization, we mean adding the keywords and phrases that people are using in the search engines.

If you’ve targeted the right phrase or keyword, then there are high chances your video will appear for those or related searches.

However, it’s not wise to add the most popular keyword because many people would be doing the same. You have to be specific and narrow down the competitor’s list.

Add the keywords that are most relevant, but not the most popular. Usually, long-tail keywords work best than single or double words. You can find those keywords with different tools. Some of them are paid, and some are free to use.

However, optimization is done at two levels;

  1. Video optimization
  2. Channel optimization

You have to do both for ranking. Also, you have to keep your channel organized and optimized whilst maintaining the brand image. It will leave a good impression in the viewer’s mind. For this, you should;

  • add keywords on the homepage
  • use branded graphics or channel art
  • create quality content
  • sync other social media accounts and provide links
  • add keywords in the tags, title, description
  • use custom thumbnail & create playlists

optimize the channel and videos to rank higer in the search results

Rank YouTube Videos on Google

Do you think that you can drive traffic on YouTube channel without ranking? Nay, right?

The only way to get more views, viewers, and subscribers are by ranking the videos on search engines. So, you can rank your videos on both search engines; YouTube, and Google.

Sometimes, when you search for something on Google, you see the YouTube videos in search results as well.

Why does this happen? That’s because videos are optimized for Google as well. Content creators add the keywords and phrases wisely to rank on both search engines.

PRO TIP: Use search engines to find the keywords because those phrases are 1000% legit. When you search for something on Google or YouTube, both suggest the relevant phrases in the search bar.

Note down the phrases that can be added to the content. Moreover, you also see the questions in the search results. When you click any of those, Google suggests more related to that. You can use those as well to curate content.

optimize videos for google

Embed videos on the blog

Creating a brand is critical in this saturated market. If you wouldn’t build a strong brand image, you may lose in the crowd. Ask yourself this question, “How do you want people to perceive your brand?”

Your brand is like a personality. The values you’ll add in it will make you unique. So, create a website as well it leaves a good impression. Also, add a blog on your website.

A blog is a great option to drive organic traffic and rank on Google. Along with textual content, you can also use multimedia. Embed your YouTube videos on a blog to increase the engagement, viewers, views, subscribers, and enhance other success metrics!

Ask your viewers to Turn ON the notifications on the blog. Whenever you’ll upload any video or article your viewers/readers will get a notification.

You can also add videos within the article or blog post. It will increase the traffic on your blog, and you can monetize it as well.


Share videos on social media

Social media is a great opportunity for those who want to grow business, get fame, boost fanbase, and exposure. All you need to do is keep the social media profiles branded and aesthetic.

For this, you need to use high-quality multimedia and valuable content. Engage the audience on posts and try to build a relationship with them.

Users really appreciate the response from their favorite personalities. Reply to their messages and comments. Also, listen to them what they want from you. You can create videos related to that piece of content.

First of all, you have to determine which platform would be most beneficial for you. Secondly, understand the algorithm of the platform, and then create content accordingly.

For example, you’re using Facebook. It doesn’t allow us to share the YouTube videos directly. So, what would you do then?

Trim the video and upload a part that will create curiosity among people, then ask them to view the full video on YouTube. This way, you can bring people from social media to YouTube. And they’d be aware of the latest updates.

use social media to promote youtube channel

Bottom Line

So, getting a lot of traffic on YouTube is easy if you approach the POTENTIAL subscribers strategically.

Never miss any opportunity that may lead to success. For becoming a successful YouTubers, you need a bundle of viewers, views, subscribers, audience retention, watch time, and other necessary metrics.

Must follow these tips and then let us know if it works for you. And don’t forget to share this article!