how brands are using youtube during pandemic

How Are Brands Using YouTube During The Pandemic?

Humans love interaction, especially in person. But the pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other. We’re not allowed to see our loved ones. It is painful. And do you know what was the best thing that kept us connected?

The “virtual meetups.” What made them possible? exactly the video content channels. There are countless video content mediums. But the king of video content is YouTube. And NOTHING can change it (however, exceptions are always there, in the future).

YouTube has increased the number of users and content providers during this period. We ALL were in quarantine but it kept us connected with the whole world through visuals. Best of all, brands took advantage of YouTube during the pandemic and they used it differently.

You must have interacted with your brand through this period. And you might know how good it feels to have one-on-one interaction.

If don’t let’s discuss how the different brands used YouTube during the pandemic.

Live streaming on YouTube

YouTube Livestream is preferred by 90% of people. This number has been increased during the quarantine period.

And do you know why people preferred this? The reason is they can communicate with their prospects directly and customers/consumers had a direct interaction.

Some content providers took advantage of Livestreams to increase their reach. And they GOT the results! Not just reach, they also successfully built relationships with their audience (to keep them in the long run).

Brands also used live streams and videos to share the “behind the scenes” and introduce their teams to build more trust and connections.

live streaming on youtube

Virtual Meetings or Video Conference

Businesses are always in the need of meetings, calls, conferences because all they want is to provide their customers with the BEST.

Meetings are always preferable for brainstorming ideas. But who would take a risk to have a meeting in such hard times?

So, what solution they found? Call a virtual meeting or have a virtual conference. The interesting part is that it’s now a “permanent thing” for some businesses.

It helped people to connect with each other, in the comfort of their homes. They don’t need to be very well dressed, wake up in the morning to have breakfast, manage commute time, and all that stuff.

It was easy for ALL and that’s why it was chosen by EVERYONE. During the pandemic, the business successfully directed many B2B and B2C meetings, using different software.

brands preferred video conference

Brands used YouTube advertising

Along with other things, brands spent money on advertising on YouTube. Why? Because they’ve noticed a HUGE shift of social media users to YouTube.

So, who wants to miss an opportunity? They invested in different types of ads to reach their potential customers and CONVERT them into long-term customers.

People buy after seeing the ads for at least 4-6 times. So, not just YouTube, advertising has been a “focus” on other social media platforms as well.

However, brands used different types of ads depending upon their need and requirements. YouTube offers brands and businesses run the following types of ads;

  • Skippable ads
  • TrueView ads 
  • Bumper ads 
  • Display ads 
  • Overlay ads 
  • Sponsored cards 
  • Non-skippable ads

brands advertising on youtube during pandemic

Bottom line

Well, the brand used YouTube during the pandemic differently to reach more people and showing their products to the RIGHT people at the right time.

But it was not just for brands, even local businesses took the advantage of YouTube because they were smart enough to notice the change and adapt it.

So, how you used YouTube during the pandemic?