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Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Subscribers, Views or Likes?

YouTube has millions of active users. Also, there are 15 Million content creators, uploading 80 million videos every month. So, it has become a little hard to rank on YouTube and get traffic organically.

So, what should you do? Buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views!

However, this question must be confusing you “Is it safe to buy likes, views, and subscribers?”

Today your all doubts would get vanished when you’ll get to know that it’s actually beneficial to spend money on this to kickstart your business.

So, let’s get started!

What are YouTube subscribers, likes, and views?

To proceed further, we need to understand what these terms are, and why we need these to increase the exposure and presence.

Subscriber – the person who follows you on YouTube and gets notified on every upload.

Like – when someone likes the video and hits the thumbs up button.

View – it’s counted when someone watches your video for 30 seconds.

However, there are tons of metrics in YouTube analytics that matters for success. But to get those, you need to get the basics or reach level one. That is, acquire views, subscribers, likes, and watch hours to monetize the YouTube channel.

what are youtube subscribers likes and views

YouTube monetization

People use YouTube for two reasons either they watch videos as a viewer or they do business by promoting products/services or provide content. These both go side by side. But now, people are more serious about virtual business.

You can monetize your channel and earn money through it. There is certain criteria for monetizing the channel and it’s publicly available (FYI).

One of those factors is subscribers. You need 1000 subscribers to monetize the channel. You might be thinking “why do you need likes and views then?”

For any social media platform, user engagement is necessary. Like other social media platforms, YouTube promotes content with a high engagement rate, watch hours, views, etc.

When you’d have more likes on your video, it will warm up the algorithm and YouTube will show that video to more people. And views increase the watch hours.

youtube monetization

Free YouTube subscribers, views, and likes

The best part that uploading and watching the video is totally FREE. Along with this, you can reach the audience through YouTube SEO tactics.

There is no doubt in accepting that it works 100%, but it takes time. You may have to wait for years if your niche is competitive.

If you won’t plan to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll be out of the competition.

Almost all the categories are becoming oversaturated, but still, there is a way to become successful. You need a strategy to grow and emerge as a triumphant YouTuber.

But still, as a newbie, you need a kickstart to reach on the higher level and rank the videos in the search results. One of the ways is to buy likes, views, and subscribers.

free engagement metrics on youtube

Buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes

When someone wants to start a business. What do they do first? They think of an IDEA, need investment, planning & strategy, and then go ahead to set up.

YouTube also provides an opportunity to do business. In fact, it is better to call it an online business. To upscale your business, you need to invest little money in the initial stage.

There are many service providers that allow you to buy these to grow channel.

In the beginning, it’s beneficial to spend a few bucks to kickstart your business. This is what you’ll get in return;

  • eligible for monetization 
  • ranking in search results

If you’ll buy these services from us, we guarantee you success. Our professionals are doing this for years with smart tactics.

We are providing the real and organic traffic on your channel that completely legit.

spend money on youtube


Well, if you want to rank on YouTube channel shortly, then we highly recommend you to buy likes, views, shares, or subscribers.

Nevertheless, you should provide quality content and maintain the brand image if you want to become successful.

Nothing would work for you if you’re losing the quality and neglecting the brand image.

If you want to learn more about becoming a successful YouTuber then read our other posts.

You’ll get trust, quality, and credibility. All in one place!