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7 Proven Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

Youtube is the platform with 2 billion users around the world, which means great opportunities lie there, for many people seeking it.

On the other hand, there are more than 31 million channels, with millions of Youtube subscribers, and this number keeps on increasing every day.

If you’ve decided to create a channel and build authority in your niche – then this question would be popping up in your mind “how to get Youtube subscribers fast.”

You may also be thinking; it’s hard for you to create a space in this saturated market…

… maybe you won’t survive in this competition because there are already many content providers in your niche.

But, don’t worry…

Today your mindset would be totally changed after reading this, till the end – and you’ll start with more enthusiasm, courage, and creativity.

So keep reading till the end!

Here are some of the PROVEN tactics that can boost your presence on Youtube – by gaining more subscribers, views, or viewers!

Create quality content

Quality Content

No matter how long your videos are, it’s worthless if your content loses the quality.

Quality always surpasses quantity, so always provide your subscribers with something exciting and unique.

To make your videos more appealing for viewers, you can edit to make them more engaging and interesting.

But if you’re not good at editing, no worries!

You can hire a professional video editor to do this task for you. And if you are on a budget, you can watch tutorials and edit your videos via FREE editing software.

Build a Strong Brand Image


The most important thing you need to do if you want to become successful in any niche, or any other platform – because the brand is what builds people’s trust, proves your authority, and attracts more people ( with similar interest).

Create your channel around a single theme.

Think of your brand as a personality. If your brand was a person – how would it look like – what kind of personality it would possess.

It could be a fun-loving, energetic, adventurous, bold, or mature personality type.

And make sure your content and graphics resemble the brand theme.

Upgrade your channel art

Channel Art

Every day you see posts, videos, or ads on social media with enchanting graphics, art, tone, or content.

What comes in your mind? A brand, right?

And content always resembles the brand, whether it’s graphics, tone, theme, or niche.

So, focus on creating the brand image.

You should use the custom thumbnails for your videos that resemble the theme.

It increases CTR and more people are likely to watch your video if you’ve used catchy thumbnails (with a person’s image, colored background, balanced text, and other graphics.

Get Organized by Playlist

YouTube Playlist

Playlists are necessary for content creators on Youtube. You’ll rarely find any professional with NO playlist.


Ease, convenience, professionalism.

People like organized things – and if you’ll place all the things in order people would like it – and they can easily find what they are looking for.

Also, if you’ve created a playlist on different topics, then chances are people will watch related videos (in that playlist) as well.

And the quality content will turn viewers into your subscribers.

You can also choose between the formats for your channel’s playlist.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO

Don’t forget to understand YouTube’s algorithm before you start.

It provides you with the opportunity to get more subscribers, viewers, or views on your videos by applying SEO tactics.

You can rank your videos in the search results – and videos that appear on the top of search results (at least top 10) are more likely to be watched.

Moreover, if you’re providing quality to the people, then you’ll win more subscribers.

But the question arises here…

What really Youtube SEO is?

It’s a process of finding, organizing, and implementing the RIGHT keywords.

Youtube SEO can be done on the channel or video level.

But, before optimizing your videos, it is recommended to optimize your channel with proper description, containing keywords.

Then move to the videos SEO, in this process, you’ll add a description in your videos with relevant keywords, including meta-tags, & add keywords in the title as well.

So, in short, these are the ranking factors;

  • Keywords optimized title and description.
  • Keywords in tags.
  • Engaging and relevant content.

Create FOREVER videos

Only a few content creators understand the importance of evergreen videos.

If you have created content that can be shown even after a few months or years, then you’re more likely to increase the Youtube subscribers.


When you’d create such content, it will appear in the search results (relevant to the queries).

With time, it will be on top – because of views and engaging content that will provide you with subscribers in return.

Don’t forget CTAs (Call-to-action)

Great marketers persuade people to take certain actions.

But, if you’re not a marketer, still you can increase the number of subscribers by including relevant call-to-actions in your videos.

But, what should be your CTA as a YouTuber?

You can ask people to subscribe to your channel, give you thumbs-up, and share your videos in their circle.

This way, you’ll get more subscribers, viewers, and views on your videos.

Cross-promotion through Social media (Bonus)

Cross promotion

There are a huge number of social media users – sharing valuable content, commenting on what they like, and sticking to their favorite content providers to see future content.

So, you have a great opportunity to build a community on social media and authority in your niche.

If you do so, you can bring FREE traffic to your Youtube channel.

And, with a milestone of 1000 Youtube subscribers can earn money as well.

This way, you can scale your virtual business, gain reputation, and increase your fan base.


You’re now familiar with ways of getting Youtube subscribers. If you implement these tactics properly then nothing can stop you from being on the TOP.

This guide on “get more subscribers on YouTube” can help you in many ways; building authority in your niche, scale your business, and much more… all by getting FREE Youtube subscribers. Keep rocking!