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How To Add Chapters In A YouTube Video

In this era of digital supremacy, YouTube is a forum used by the masses regardless of their interests. It has content for all ages. You might want to listen to music, watch videos of your concern, and skip to the part of the video that you want to get a load off.

YouTube installed a new feature called ‘Chapters‘ to help you drive through videos quickly. This article will guide you on how to add chapters to a YouTube video.

So, let’s dive right in!

What are Chapters on YouTube?

Chapters help you skip through the parts you are not intrigued in. And allow you to jump or re-view a particular part of the video without dragging the bottom slider.

They fragment your YouTube video into sections with an individual preview for each of them. They provide more information and context to the audience, and re-viewing gets easier.

When a content creator intrudes on timestamps, chapters are automatically generated, and YouTube slices them into different parts, which are accessible by just clicking on them.

You will get an idea of what these parts contain when you hang over a chapter. The chapters are separated marginally to let you know when does a chapter end and starts.

chapters on youtube

How to add chapters on YouTube videos?

First and foremost, you need to add timestamps inside the video descriptions to create chapters in the timeline. You can either do this while uploading your video or later when editing it.

However, there are some guidelines that can help you add chapters in the videos. So, keep reading it till the end to understand better!

Step 1:

Mark the timeline of your video eminently at the start time of each chapter. For instance, the introduction of your video will start from 0:00, and the first chapter will begin from 3:30, the second chapter from 5:30, and so on.

Step 2:

The timestamp in the video description can be added in the following format;

For videos more than an hour – [hour:minute:second] &; [Chapter title]

For videos less than an hour – [minute:second] &; [Chapter title]

You can add the timestamps in the following way;

0:00 Introduction

3:30 Chapter one title

5:30 Chapter two title

9:30 Chapter three title

The timestamp for the start of the video (0:00) is very important; if it is missed, YouTube will not expose the chapters. You can name it ‘Introduction’ or any other name of your choice.

Step 3:

Don’t forget to SAVE the changes in the video description.

The changes are updated immediately; if not, YouTube says that they will update within 24 hours. If they don’t, make sure you have formatted your timestamps correctly.

how to add chapters

When to add Chapters

For certain types of videos, chapters don’t make sense or are of no use. For example, if it is a music video, a film, or an animation, comedy content or something related to entertainment should not have the capacity for chapters.

Reasons? Because splitting this kind of content into several segments will ruin the video’s purpose. Chapters diminish the watch time, and avert viewers’ detainment sequentially, inducing a negative impact on the search engines.

News, Politics, Style videos, Tutorials, Education, Technology related and Science videos may benefit through chapters since the viewers can re-watch a specific segment that they want to focus on. Moreover, longer videos are the best target for chapter markers.

when to add them


Adding chapters in a YouTube video assists you in navigating videos with ease. They offer to skip to a new segment and let you re-view a particular segment that you feel is important.

Longer videos get boring, and viewers tend to leave the video in between. Including chapters will help them skip the part they find boring and hook to the exciting part.

This feature improves and enhances viewer engagement in a particular category of videos. It might also cut down on the total watch time as the audience only prefers to watch significant sections instead of the whole video.

YouTube chapter makers are available in every country and in all languages. The chapter text will be in the language of the creator and can’t be translated.


Wrap Up

Now you’re familiar with the importance of chapters and the process of adding them in videos. So, you can better use them.

However, I’ll wrap it up by telling you, you can disable them as well.

Suppose you prefer to disable the chapters on your YouTube video. In that case, you can dispose of the first timestamp on your video description because chapters are enabled only when the first timestamp start at 0:00.

If you still desire timestamps and eliminate the chapters you can adjust the first timestamp to 0:01. This will help you disenable the chapters only.

If you found this useful then comment below and share it! Happy learning!