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4 Ways To Become a Branded YouTube Channel’s Star

Becoming a businessman was my childhood dream. So, the time came, I invested and started a business. I had great quality products, but I was not getting the response I deserved (for my hard work and quality).

A thought flashed in my head several times that “there might be something wrong somewhere, but why do I get happy and satisfied¬†feedback from existing customers?” It always gave me the courage to go with it. But still, something was missing, the major missing.

Can you guess what was that? It was a “brand image”. There I got stuck and lost in the crowd. I realized, business is mostly about branding. Whether it’s an article of clothing, a luxury brand, or just a YouTube channel, we must consider creating a strong brand image.

However, you must be familiar with a fact that YouTube is the NEW marketplace for businesses. So, can you think of excelling without a branded channel on YouTube? A Big NO!

The core branding remains the same, we just need to revise our strategies to fit in the marketplace. So, here I have compiled the To-DOs on YouTube to emerge as a top channel (branded).

So, let’s dive right in!

Why create a Branded YouTube Channel?

Does it feel good when someone recognizes you for your uniqueness? And they appreciate you for who you are. People like to connect with you because they KNOW the “Real YOU.”

Brands work the same way. People recognize the brands for the values they provide to their customers. They connect with brands because they know a specific value can be provided to them, a VALUE they crave for.

If you don’t create a strong image, you may lose in the crowd. Product or service is not the ONLY thing people want.

It’s something more than that. It’s just like the personality. Think of it the same way and work to improve it. Once you’d done this successfully, you’ll NO longer have to introduce your brand and tell people what you OFFER.

why to create youtube branded channel

How to Create a YouTube Brand?

As I have mentioned above, the core values of branding remain the same, you just have to revise and mold the strategies to fit in the marketplace.

So, let’s start from scratch to understand how you’ll do it on YouTube.

Create a YouTube Channel

For starting a business, you have to register yourself as an individual with legal rights to do business. So, when it comes to YouTube, you’ve to register yourself first.

In other words, create a YouTube channel. Then the whole war will start when you’ll step into the battlefield.

YouTube channel creation is pretty simple, actually, it’s a matter of minutes. And completely FREE.

Once you’ve created a channel by following these steps (click to read). Then you’ve to work on branding. From the very first day, you have to make it specific as possible and empathetic as you can.

create a youtube channel

Identify your Niche

First of all, you have to determine what you’ll offer to your audience. What type of content they should expect from you? What level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) of information you’ll provide to your audience?

Once you’ve got answers to these questions, you’ll be super clear about your goals, destination, and path to reach them.

YouTube has an audience all around. It’s open to 100 countries and 80 languages for people with different backgrounds, tastes, and preferences. So, start creating content on what you’re good at.

However, the educational or “how-to” content performs well. In fact, people usually use YouTube for learning something, to find a solution to their problems, or sometimes to get entertained.

identify your niche

Aesthetic Channel Art

Whenever the word art comes into our mind, we resonate with “Creativity.” And yes, certainly, it’s about creativity. The more creative you’re, the more artistic you’d be.

So, when it comes to channel art, we mean the graphics, colors, combinations, animations, etc. Bright colors often grab attention than dull colors. But you have to choose the colors wisely. There is always a purpose and psycology behind every color in branding.

Nevertheless, your channel cover and profile image should resemble the brand image. Add the branded colors, and fonts in the images.

Furthermore, create compelling thumbnails for your YouTube videos. A good thumbnail can increase the CTR on videos. Ultimately, you’ll get more views, subscribers, watch hours, and much more!

aesthetic channel art

Sync Social Media Platforms

Social media has 3.5 billion active users spending regular time on different platforms. As a YouTuber, you have a great opportunity to convert social media users to your YouTube audience.

If not all of them, try to consider at least two platforms. However, choosing a platform also depends upon the niche. You have to determine the audience and platforms accordingly.

With a regular posting and relevant content, you can expand your reach and exposure on social media platforms.

Also, integrate the links of social accounts on the YouTube channel so they can reach you out there. And must add the links in the description of videos. It’s a good practice.

Use social media to boost content

Wrap Up

Creating a branded channel is like creating a unique image among people that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Before proceeding, you MUST make sure that your viewers and audience always get high-quality content. If you’re not providing the QUALITY, you can’t become successful on YouTube or any other platform.

So, what’s your strategy for building a brand and outdated the competitors?