youtube seo strategy to rank #1

YouTube SEO: How to Create a Strategy to rank #1

The 2nd most visited site in the world is Youtube. And it’s one of the best search engines. To rank on the search engine, you require a proper SEO strategy. With a YouTube SEO strategy, you can rank higher in the search results.

First of all, you need to know what YouTube SEO is. It’s a process of finding the RIGHT keywords and implement, in order to rank the video and optimize the channel.

However, the Youtube algorithm works differently from other search engines. But once you’d understand the algorithm and SEO tactics for YouTube, it will be easy to rank shortly.

Here I have compiled some Youtube SEO tactics (including tools and factors).

If you’d follow them properly, you’ll get subscribers, viewers, views, and search ranking in the result.

So, let’s get started!

Do proper keyword research

Before doing anything else, you need to do keyword research first. Finding the right keywords will help you rank in the search results.

And you can boost the views, viewers, and subscribers as well.

The YouTube keywords research process starts from the day you create a YouTube channel.

You have to optimize the channel first, and every video you upload on YouTube.

First of all, find the keywords for your channel. Keywords depend on your niche.

It’s better to do a competitor analysis before placing the keywords because you’ll understand what other people are doing.

And why they are ranking in the search results.

do keyword research

Keywords tools for YouTube SEO

You can research keywords in multiple ways. You can use different tools, Google, and YouTube as well.

The easiest and killing way to find the best ranking keywords is YouTube itself. Because it shows you the phrases, people actually type in the search bar.

For example, when you put any search query, say “how to rank on…”, YouTube suggest different topics on a single keyword (related to the keyword).

This way, you can pick the most relevant ones. Put that in your keyword list and move to the next!

You can do the same on Google. By doing this, your videos will show up in Google’s search results as well.

The optimization for both search engines will provide you with tons of viewers, views, and subscribers.

Plus, a flood of additional bucks would be flowing into your account.

Some other tools for finding the keywords are:

youtube seo tactics tools

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Optimize the YouTube channel

After creating the branded channel, the next step is to optimize it for search results. For this purpose, you have to add the keywords in your homepage.

But make sure you’re not stuffing keywords for the sake of ranking high in the search results.

Instead, put the keywords naturally, go with the flow!

Tell people about what you offer and why you choose to do this. It’s another opportunity to connect with people!


Tell a story! Craft a story with fewer words and more impact! Tell a reason why you’re here, and why they should connect with you!

In fact, persuade them to connect with you, and reach you out on other platforms. You can add a link to your website or your social media accounts’.

This way, you can connect with your audience and build a community as well. And if you’ll provide value, your brand can become word of mouth.

optimize the channel

Optimize Videos by SEO Tactics

Once you’re done with the channel optimization (one-time process), then a never-ending journey of video optimization starts.

You have to optimize the videos every time before uploading it.


Keywords differ with every topic. And you have to rank videos for the most relevant and specific ones.

Videos are actually the central part of the YouTube SEO strategy. If you’d target the right keywords, you’ll rock!

Considering the process mentioned above, find the relevant keywords and make a list of those you want to use.

Then figure out the main keyword wisely. After that, save the file (video) with the title or main keyword. Then try to sprinkle the keywords naturally in the title, description, and tags.

opimize videos for ranking

Other Factors for YouTube SEO

The ranking process is not bound to keywords only. Instead, there are some other factors as well that can help you rank higher.

Now, in this phase, you’ll have to understand the YouTube algorithm. In fact, you should understand the algorithm for ranking on search engines, creating ads, or boost the fan base.

Work according to the platform’s algorithm, then it will do the rest automatically.

Here is the list of ranking factors:

  • videos likes 
  • videos’ shares 
  • comments 
  • channel subscribers 
  • cards of relevant videos 
  • audience retention 
  • watch hour 
  • branding and professionalism 

other ranking factors

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Bottom line

Well, YouTube SEO is a crucial part if you want to rank organically and catch the relevant audience.

If you’d follow these steps wisely and properly, then you can monetize your YouTube channel in less time.

The tools, extensions, and ranking factors can add you to the list to top-paid YouTubers. Therefore, follow these tactics to rank high in the search results.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section if these SEO strategies worked for you.