how to create youtube thumbnail

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails (Tools + Tips)

Creating a YouTube thumbnail was never this important and easier. Being a YouTuber, you work hard to provide your audiences with the riveting content, but sometimes, don’t get the desired response.

You might need to create attractive YouTube thumbnails.

However, many factors influence video ranking. Although, the first point, you should consider is Youtube video’s thumbnail.

If you’re using dull frames as your Youtube videos thumbnail, then there are high chances your video is not going to be watched.

Reason? Visuals are not captivating and charming to grab the audience’s attention, and it automatically decreases CTR (Click Through Rate).

To attract the viewers, you should create catchy Youtube thumbnails.

Thumbnails are the snapshots you see on the videos, that appear in search results, before clicking. And videos with custom thumbnails are more likely to be watched.

Over the past few years, visuals have become the most powerful source of information.

A study suggests that 90% of the information is gained through visuals.

So, you can increase the CTR, search ranking, and engagement rate on videos by creating smashing YouTube thumbnails – created by FREE tools (mentioned below).

Here are some ways that can help you create SUPERB Youtube thumbnails in minutes.

So, let’s get started!

Pick the tool and suitable YouTube thumbnail template

First of all, you need to choose the tool – by which you’ll create a thumbnail. There are many FREE tools available for users.

Best of all, you don’t require training or you don’t need to be a professional designer.

Everyone can create social media posts, thumbnails, stories, or videos for social media channels, using these tools.

So, after selecting the fittest tool for you, explore the thumbnails templates for Youtube. You’ll find hundreds of them, select one, and then edit as per your requirement.

create eye-catchy thumbnails with templates

Add some personal touch in thumbnails

Humans like to connect with humans. You can add some personal touch to your YouTube thumbnails. It can also double the CTR and engagement rate by up to 80%.

For better results, add your image in the thumbnails. According to the study, a picture with a human face has 40% or more chances to receive engagements. 

This is why it is recommended to add your own image to the Youtube thumbnail.

You’ll be adding more personality while persuading people to know more about what’s inside the video.

add personal touch in youtube thumbnails...

Use branded fonts, colors, and text

While creating the thumbnails, don’t forget you’ve your own identity, brand, and presence. You should use the colors and fonts that resonate with your brand.

Also, analyze the color contrasts between bright and dull colors. It drives people psychologically, and bright colors have more impact than soft or dull colors.

Furthermore, adding a bit of video title in the Youtube thumbnail also persuades people to know more.

As a result, you can increase the CTR and ranking of videos in the search results.

When you’re done with the creation of YouTube thumbnail, simply download it on your device, and then upload it on YouTube.

branded fonts, colors, text for youtube thumbnail

FREE Tools for Creating YouTube Thumbnails

Nevertheless, there are some YouTube thumbnail makers that can transform your channel art. 

So, don’t forget to try each, and select the best one for you.

Some of the most widely used YouTube thumbnail makers:


The most commonly used thumbnail maker is FotoJet. It is popular among designers, social media marketers, and YouTubers. A stunning YouTube thumbnail is just 3 steps away – explore, select, and edit!

snappa - Youtube thumbnail tool


Canva mostly used the FREE tool because of the features. It offers stock images, illustrations, stickers, free templates, shapes, fonts, and much more!

You can create the eye-catchy YouTube thumbnails, videos, or social media posts as well.

Canva - free tool for creating thumbnails

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is popular among people for multiple reasons. You can use it to create appealing thumbnails in minutes – with the desired editing.

Even beginners can use it with ease. With a little customization, you can make YouTube thumbnails more alluring.

adobe spark - youtube thumbnail maker


Snappa provides both free and paid access. However, the paid version provides advanced features. As a beginner or intermediate YouTuber, you can use a free version of Snappa to access shapes, 500,000 stock photos, customized text, and much more – to create remarkable thumbnails.

snappa - thumbnail tool


How cool is that! You can increase CTR, search ranking, and engagement with little efforts. Best of all, using free tools.

However, the fundamental steps are the same for all tools, and almost all users. But you should never forget your brand. It will go a long way!

How do you manifest your creativity to the audience? We’d love to know your smart ways of creating thumbnails. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.