how to do the youtube keyword research

How To Do The YouTube Keywords Research [3 Simple Steps]

The world is loaded with the flow of information, and it’s hard to explore and get the required one. Whenever you search for something, it might be troublesome to get the required information.

So, what do you do then? You might narrow down your topic to precisely what you want. It’s not just you. All of us are on the same page! Also, it’s hard for content providers to rank for the broad terms. This is why you have to narrow down your niche and be precise when you do YouTube keywords research.

For example, if you want to get ranked for the term “apple” your content will show up to the irrelevant people. Also, it’s hard to rank for such broad keywords. On the other hand, if you target the keywords “benefits of eating an apple”. Then possibilities are, you’ll get ranked easily.

If you want to make the YouTube keywords research process easier, then keep reading it till the end. These tips will provide you fancied results shortly, and will save much time of yours!

So, let’s get started!

Choose specific and most search topics

It’s wise to choose the hot and trending topics because you can rank for it. But that’s not the only factor. The MAIN cause to get ranked is always “targeting the right keyphrases”.

So, what would you do to get ranked?

First of all, you have to make a list of topics on which you want to create content. Then find the angle.

Hey what? Angle? Yes! That makes your content worth watching!

Watch other people’s content and determine the audience’s intent. Then find out what’s missing. That would be the ANGLE of your whole content.

After that, try to make it specific, but make sure you don’t change the direction. Be relevant. Be specific.

Make a hierarchy of topics that fall under your category and choose the one! Your keywords research will revolve around it.

If you’d follow up this step wisely, your keywords research process will become easier and beneficial.

Once you’ve done this, what’s next? The next step is to find the keywords for YouTube. So let’s move on to that.

choose the specific topic

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Find the keywords (tools+extensions)

The very next is to find the right keyphrases relevant to the topic. Actually, here you have to play smart, step up your research game to outdate your competitors.

This is actually the main factor, the KEYWORDS that can help you rank on YouTube. So how should you do YouTube keywords research to get ranked quickly?

Before proceeding, find the right tools. There are numerous tools and extensions available that can help you grow your channel.

But here is one thing to notice, don’t go with tools that show results for ranking on Google. The reason is, that might not be much helpful for you.

Both are search engines, but still, there’s a difference between the algorithms. In this scenario, you can even choose YouTube to do keywords research.


Type the search query in the search bar (on YouTube), it will show the relevant phrases and queries that people are actually searching for. And, it’s 1000% authentic!

Other tools for keywords research

do the keywords research

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Keywords implementation

Once you have done the above process, NOW it’s time to place the keywords in the right place, in the right order.


Where should you add key phrases to rank higher? How should you organize them to get the desired results (huge audience)?

So, there are 3 segments where you’ve to add the keywords.

  • titles
  • description
  • tags

– title

You have to understand the title is so important for you. It makes or breaks the content. So, you have to bear in mind that the title should be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing.

To make it more appealing, you can add numbers i.e 8 steps, 25 tools, etc. And you can also add the specific information in parenthesis [add info]. It increases CTR by 38%.

– description

Descriptions tell the audience and YouTube algorithm that what’s the purpose, objective, and intent of the video. It also helps the audience to understand what they will get at the end of the video.

Also, you get a chance to get ranked higher in the search results. How? Glad you asked! Sprinkle the main and secondary keywords in the description. It helps YouTube to relate it to the search queries.

– tags

The tags section is specifically designed to add the keywords for videos. Before uploading, YouTube lets you add the tags in the videos. If you’d add them wisely, there are high chances your videos are going to be ranked.

Well, the list of key phrases for YouTube maybe longer, but here you have to pick the most relevant ones. And it’s recommended to add the main keyword in the tags section.

implement keywords strategically

Final verdict

Is the YouTube keywords research process easy? YES! It’s quite easy and this process would make it much easier than before!

All you have to do is, finalize the specific topic, do keywords research for YouTube (with tools available for YouTube), and then place those words in the order, in the required section.

Follow these and let us know in the comments, is it useful for you?