how to get more views on youtube

How To Get More YouTube Views [5 Smart Ways]

Those days are gone when people were using YouTube for ONLY watching funny videos. Now, it has more importance. It’s a business tool. Many businesses are using it to promote their products. And the vast community is using it to earn money.

People have recognized the importance and acknowledged the VALUE YouTube can return. To tap into this market you’ve to bring something new and valuable to become successful. One of those metrics of success is getting a bunch of “YouTube Views”

Creating a channel is a matter of minutes, but building up reputation and authority takes time. But smart goals will lead you to your destination at a double pace.

This is why you should answer the WHYs and HOWs in your mind. Know how to get more YouTube views, subscribers, and viewers. And ultimately the credibility, authority, and flood of bucks.

Before proceeding and tapping into this market, you have to keep in mind a few things that can 4x the return in the long run.

So, let’s get started!

Create Appealing Content

Do you know the importance of quality content? It can do wonders for you!

Users want to see the quality content and search engines promote them. So, imagine the impact of great quality content.

You’ll be ranking higher in the search results, with millions of YouTube views, subscribers, viewers, watch time, and much more!

You might be thinking, how to create the quality content to keep the audience engaged and get more views on YouTube?

So, the answer to your question is to create “how-to” videos. People usually use YouTube to learn something. Even students use to do courses to enhance their skills. It’s a huge market for educators.

create appealing content to get youtube views likes or comments

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Create playlists

Have you ever seen any professional YouTuber’s channel without a playlist?

Nay? Alright! Do you know the reason behind it?

Let me tell you! It shows professionalism and people like organized content. Also, It’s one of the ranking factors on YouTube.

Research and observation show that optimized playlists can return you the bundles of subscribers, views, and viewers.

If someone likes the content or a video, they’ll keep on watching it! They’ll also watch the related videos because of the “auto-play” it keeps on playing one after another.

This way, you can rank your channel higher in the search results, and I highly recommend creating playlists regardless of your niche.

YouTube Playlist

Do Branding, Be Unique

Branding is very important for your success, even PERSONAL branding. It can double the impact of success!


People trust brands and it keeps them connected, spends money, and stays loyal. Also, it makes you unique because brands possess certain values that others may lack!

So, make sure you build a unique brand image to keep the viewers in a long haul.

For this, choose a niche and create content around that specific niche. Make a branded channel. And sync your other social media accounts to connect with the audience on other social media platforms.

If you create your website and blog, you can double your reach.

You can promote your videos in blogs post and articles. This way you can get more views on your YouTube videos, and ultimately, success.


Optimize your YouTube channel and videos

For gaining the organic traffic, optimize your channel and videos. Optimization should be done at both levels.

  • Channel optimization: for branding channel, optimize the homepage, and create the blockbuster channel trailer, containing relevant keywords.
  • Videos optimization: for optimizing the videos, add relevant KEYWORDS (main & secondary) before uploading. Also, save the file with the main keywords on your device.

The title has to be keywords-rich and appealing to make viewers click “to know more…” For this, keep it specific, concise, and add the little spice of curiosity.

Research shows that custom thumbnails of YouTube videos can increase CTR by 38%. By creating custom thumbnails, you can increase the CTR, get more views, subscribers, and much more!

optimize the channel and videos to rank higer in the search results

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Promote videos to get more views

Promoting YouTube videos is MUST enhance exposure and impact. After all, fame is one of the factors of success.

When you see people admiring your content, your brand becomes word of mouth. And you become very close to achieving your goals.

Also, it builds authority and you can upscale your virtual business.


Where should you promote your videos to get more views on YouTube?

The answer is, where your POTENTIAL audience spends most of their time.

It depends on your niche too. If you are creating a B2C content, then you can target people on Facebook, Instagram, or other relevant platforms.

But if you’re creating B2B content, then it’s better to target the audience on a more professional platform like LinkedIn.

However, the blog is another great option to promote videos and get views. Embed your videos on blog posts or articles of it resembles your content.

promote your videos to get views

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Bottom line

Getting more views on YouTube is not hard, you just need a strategy to keep growing.

Think of long-term goals and strategies to upscale your business.

Also, if you’d follow up on the above-mentioned tips, you’ll become successful in less time.

If you found these tips helpful, then let us know in the comments below!

Happy learning!