how to promote youtube channel

How To Promote YouTube Channel Fast [4 simple ways]

Promoting YouTube channel takes efforts, but you’ll get the desired results (if you’ll keep doing it consistently).

The ultimate goal as a YouTuber would be “ranking high and be in the list of top-paid YouTubers”. For this purpose, you have to promote your YouTube channel and videos to reach a vast audience.

Here I have compiled the few tactics that will help you achieve your goals within a short period.

So, keep reading!

SEO of YouTube Channel & Videos

First of all, while creating a channel, you have to keep in mind that your content should be backed up by the kickass SEO strategies. Before proceeding, work on optimizing the channel.

Add keywords in your homepage that are relevant to your niche. Then optimize your videos with RIGHT keywords every time, before uploading.

Also, maintain the brand image throughout your YouTube journey because it makes you unique. It’s your identity. So, the channel art, SEO or content, should revolve around the brand image, directly or indirectly.

  • write appealing and keyword-rich titles 
  • use custom and attractive thumbnails 
  • optimize the description of videos

opimize videos for ranking

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Optimize videos for Google (SERPs)

Another platform, where you can promote the YouTube channel is Google. You can optimize your videos to rank on Google because it’s the most used search engine in the world.

When you search something on Google a list of SERPs appears in front of you. And sometimes, you see the videos as well.

Those are usually the educational or “how-to” videos, but exceptions are always there. The point is, you can also rank your videos on Google by optimizing them properly.

  • try user-friendly keywords 
  • identify the users/audience intent 
  • create knowledgable content

optimize videos for google

Run Ads on YouTube Videos

Another way to promote a YouTube channel is to run ads on videos. It’s a quite exciting way to promote videos or channel. You can also try this if you want to bring the huge masses on your channel.

There are two ways to run ads on videos. You can monetize your channel and then display ads on it through AdSense.

The other way is to place ads with Google AdWords. Nevertheless, both can be used, depending upon your choice. However, through AdSense, you’ll earn money in return.

  • TrueView discovery ads 
  • Skippable ads 
  • Non-skippable ads 
  • Discovery or in-display ads

use ads to promote channels

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Social Media

You can also use social media to promote your channel and videos. Actually, it can also be used for collaboration with other brand or YouTubers. This way, you’ll get great exposure and fame.

Once you successfully build a loyal audience on social media platforms, you can bring them on the YouTube channel.

And they will stick to it for a long time if you’ll keep on providing them great content. However, choose the platform according to your audience and niche/industry.

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • LinkedIn (for B2B content)
  • Twitter 

use social media to promote youtube channel

Bottom Line

You’re not just bounded to one thing, keep on exploring. The doors of new opportunities will open up in front of you. In fact, I’d say, it’s all about experiments. So, give it a TRY, at least once.

You can try other mediums as well to promote your channel but the above-mentioned promotional medium will provide you success for sure!

If you found these tips and tactics useful, then let us know in the comments below!