how to respond to criticism on youtube

How To Respond To Criticism On YouTube & Win People’s Heart

How many times you have experienced that people notice your insecurities? And try to tease you that way. It’s not just for celebrities. We all experience the hate speech and negativity from our surroundings. But when it comes to YouTube, you have to maintain a good reputation even if you face the negativity or hatred.

You should know how to deal with such negative responses. A YouTuber is a public figure, and usually, they may face it even if the content is not controversial. So, sometimes it becomes heartwrenching (when people try to degrade you).

So, let’s discuss how you can respond to criticism, negative feedback, and hatred.

Check the YouTube policy

Before making any content for your YouTube channel, you must check out the policy of YouTube first. It doesn’t allow you to spread hatred among people. If you violate the policy, your videos would be deleted and it can even flag your channel.

So, being a public figure, it’s your responsibility to spread positivity among people. You should not take advantage of your position. When people like you, follow you, your actions influence them.

Don’t make it a BAD influence and don’t be the reason for negativity. Also, controversial content can be uploaded unless it’s not harming other people.

You have to make your content very consciously because it’s not just about YOU, you represent your WHOLE country. And people watch you all around the world.

youtube policy for criticism

Analyze the feedback

You can’t please everyone. And it’s not even possible. No matter how much you’re good at what you’re doing. Still, there will be some people who may not be satisfied with it.

But still, you have to analyze the feedbacks. You must understand how people perceive you, and your content. Sometimes, criticism helps you improve your skills. If you’d take it positively, it can help you overcome your weaknesses.

So, if someone is saying there’s something wrong with the content or there’s room for improvement, then you should take it positively. Try to understand how you can make it better.

The best way to do that is to communicate with them. Ask them open-ended questions that will help you understand their perspective and feedback more in-depth.

analyze the feedback

Don’t respond to negative comments

Sometimes, NO response is the best response. If haters are trying to pull you down then you don’t have to respond to their comments. YouTubers usually don’t respond to negative comments or criticism.

On the flip side, if you’d respond to them the same way, then it will spoil your reputation. There are chances that people will change perspective about you and they’ll no longer like you.

Some people are meant to do these things even if they have no concern about what you do. They would criticize you for NO reason, they’ll try to pull you down, mock at you, and do other things to pull you down.

Replying to them is like wasting your time and energy on useless things. So, what you’ll have to do in this scenario? Move on with a bright smile and keep doing great.

don't respond to negative comments or criticism

Reviews matter for brands

How many times do you check out the reviews before buying anything online? Every time, isn’t it? So, reviews matter because it gives us a little insight into what was the experience of other people with a certain brand’s service or product.

Usually, reviews influence our decisions. Being a YouTuber, you own a youtube brand (it can be a personal brand). So, reviews are a goldmine for you. But what are reviews for you on YouTube? These are comments people leave on your YouTube videos. 

So, if you’d do good for others by providing quality content, then you can win a good review. This may lead to more views, viewers, and subscribers because people prefer content with good feedback or reviews.

Also, you can make respond to criticism on YouTube if it means to your business. Sometimes, ignorance is not a solution. You have to sort out the queries of other people and satisfy them.

reviews or criticism

Final Thoughts

Now, you’d be familiar with how you can respond to the criticism and where you have to stay quiet.

You just can’t stick to one policy only. It depends on the situation to situation that how you’ll respond to another person.

If someone holds a bad perception about you, then it’s doesn’t make you bad. But if you’d be nice to other people, then it will leave a very great impression on other people’s minds.

So, don’t forget your ethics, and don’t trade your morale/respect for the sake of fame.