how to upload a video on youtube

How to Upload Videos on YouTube [step-by-step Process]

In the beginning, everything seems difficult and puzzles you. Creating a channel, upload videos on YouTube, SEO, etc. All these thoughts flash in your head as a “question” one after another.

So, here we are to guide you about everything related to YouTube!

Uploading a video on YouTube is a matter of minutes. But as a newbie, you must know the step-by-step process to upload videos on YouTube so you may never miss any opportunity to get ranked and recognized as the BEST YouTuber.

First of all, you have to create a channel with appealing visuals and all the necessary information. Make sure you choose the good profile image and cover that resembles your brand.

Also, create accounts on other social media platforms because they’re MUST for you to become successful because all you need to do is acquire and retain the subscribers. And this can be done by building a relationship with them.

Once you’re done with all this, the next step is to upload videos on Youtube consistently. So, if you’re wondering “how to upload videos on YouTube”, then take a deep breath, and relax because after reading this article, you’ll become super clear about these things.

So, let’s get started!

How to upload YouTube videos?

For uploading a video on YouTube, you must follow these steps.

  1. Open a YouTube, go to your channel by logging in (if you haven’t).
  2. Click on the YouTube Studio button.
  3. Click on the Create button and Upload a video. The screen will appear in front of you (look at the image below).
  4. Now, you have to choose the file (video) you want to upload. If the filename is not optimized, make sure you do it. Save it with the title or main keyword.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the file, the next step is to add other necessary information.
  6. You’ve to upload the details that will make your videos easily appearable in the search results.
  7. Do proper SEO of your video before hitting the “upload & publish” button.

uplaod video on youtube

Add metadata in your videos

This section (metadata) is divided into three sub-categories;

  • Titleappears in the search results after search queries
  • Description – viewers see after clicking, whilst watching your videos
  • Thumbnails – image or screenshot appears on videos before clicking
  • Tags – makes your videos easily available after the search phrases, in the search results.

– Title

It’s essential when it comes to CTR. Your videos’ title should grab the attention, and your content will decide they’ll watch till the end or not.

You must add the keywords in the title and keep it short and sweet. Add parenthesis or digits if relevant.

titles and thumbnails for youtube metadat

– Description

The video’s description has to be interactive. Optimize the description by adding main and secondary keywords. And write a powerful introduction that hooks the audience.

Furthermore, leave the links below of your social account and website for viewers so that they can connect with you on other platforms.

description for meta data

– Add Custom Thumbnails

Visuals are crucial to catch the audience’s attention. If you create catchy and appealing thumbnails with a captivating color combination, text, and personal image (with a face), then there’re high chances viewers will click on it.

custom thumbnails (youtube seo strategy)

– Video’s Tags

Add Tags in the video. Tags are necessary for your videos. However, you can add a few keywords here. This is why you have to choose wisely. The right keywords help you rank your videos in the search results.

add tags

Advanced Details to Upload Videos

The metadata is important for ranking, but there are other necessary details you should include in your videos. It reflects professionalism and a strong brand image.

So, never skip these details!

– Choose a relevant playlist

Playlists are a beneficial feature for organizing the relevant videos. Every time you make a video, you can add it to the relevant playlist. However, it’s necessary to keep the playlist up-to-date. choose a relevant playlist

– Add captions

Add Captions to make your videos easily understandable and digestible for all kinds of viewers. You are familiar with the fact that YouTube has users all around the world with different language backgrounds. So, you have to add captions. You can also edit them on Classic Studio or Upload it yourself.

add captions to upload videos

– Category 

Categorizing the video helps to narrow down the competition. Also, it makes the ranking easy and your videos will appear along with the relevant niche. It also helps viewers understand the purpose of the video.

category of video

Add other video elements

To make your videos more interactive, you can add other video elements to make it more appealing.

YouTube allows you to add two elements in this phase. These are

  • End Screens
  • Cards

These two elements have the same importance as others if you want to become a successful YouTuber in the long run. Every branded YouTube channel and professional YouTuber uses them in their videos.

video elements to uplaod a video on youtube

– end screens

End screens are videos that are placed at the end of the video. This feature keeps the viewers engaged and makes them watch more videos on your channel. It’s a good way to promote other videos and get more views.

add end screen on youtube

– cards

Cards are the small icons that appear in the upper right corner. It’s another way to promote related videos. You can add cards in your video and also include CTA in the current videos (in which you’re adding cards). You can ask your viewers to watch them.

what is youtube card

Final Thoughts

Now, you’d be familiar with the process of uploading a video and adding other elements to make it more appealing.

If you’d follow these steps, you’ll get a better ranking on YouTube with tons of viewers, views, and subscribers. However, you must provide them with quality content.

Let us know in the comments below how do you get more views on your videos after uploading it.

DON’T forget to share this article with others! Happy Learning!