how to write youtube video desciption

How to Write YouTube Video Description [template + guide]

Online presence is becoming necessary for professionals. And even for those who want to run and grow an online business. For this, Youtube is one of the most preferred platforms.

There are certain factors that can help you grow as a successful YouTuber. And rank on it by exercising the SEO strategies. However, the YouTube video description is one of the important ranking factors that can help you bring organic traffic.

We have compiled some guidelines and templates for you to write a better video description to rank FAST on YouTube. So, keep reading until the end.

What is YouTube Video Description?

YouTube video description is a part of YouTube metadata, that tells the search engine what your video is about.

It includes the main targeted, secondary keyword and links to other platforms.

The description is a way of communication with an audience & algorithm to elaborate on the video’s intent, purpose, and goal.

Why is YouTube video description useful?

Well, you might be thinking why the description of YouTube videos is essential and how it can help you. And why everyone is emphasizing on writing a good YouTube description?

The purpose is to RANK higher in the search results. The ultimate goal of YouTubers is to get ranked and catch more audience.

For ranking higher, you have to write the organized video description, backed up by kickass strategy.

So, let’s move on to see how it works!

How to write a YouTube description?

Writing a description does not take much hard work; it requires SMART work.

Filling up the space of 5000 characters was never a goal. In fact, to use that opportunity effectively is a goal.

But, how you can do it?

Divide the description in the small chunks. It will increase the readability, warms up the algorithm, and saves your time.

Here is how you should do it!

– first few lines (snippet)

This section is most crucial for you because it can draw in the audience straight on your video.

Wondering how?

Here you have to create curiosity while sticking to the primary purpose. Craft it in a way that gives viewers a feel “Hey! this is what I’ve been looking for! let’s know more about it…”

You have to tell the central purpose of the video. Also, put the main targeted keyword in this snippet because it’s one of the ranking factors of YouTube SEO.

It will help out the viewers to understand the content of the video. Furthermore, it tells the YouTube algorithm, when to show this video (after a relevant query).

youtube video snippet

– video’s description body

In this segment, you can add both the main and secondary keywords. However, it’s recommended to use the targeted keyword at least 2 times in the body.

You can also add the secondary keywords, relevant to the main keyword. Sprinkle them naturally and keep it precise.

But don’t stuff the description with keywords because it may cause problem rather than a benefit.

Keep the description between 150-200 words. This is an ideal length for both the YouTube algorithm and viewers.

However, there’s no hard and fast rule to ALWAYS stick to this limit.

video description to rank higher

– CTA & links

Do you know how compelling a CTA can be?

If you have embraced the specific call-to-action (CTA), by following the persuasion techniques, then it can make viewers take a particular action.

CTA can be anything depending up your goal. Nonetheless, it can be hitting the “subscribe or like” button. You can also take viewers to other social media platforms or website.

If you have built authority in your niche and own enough viewers, you can drastically improve the traffic of your website and social media platforms.

Place the links in the end, right after the CTA. It’s a good practice to provide links because it builds people’s trust and maintains the brand image.

CTA & links for video description

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Bottom line

After reading this guideline, you’d be familiar with writing a good YouTube video description. If you’d follow this accurately, you can rank in the search results for sure!

However, keep it natural and go with a flow. Make people feel that they are connecting with humans, not machines.

Connect, build a relationship, and GROW together!

What’s your strategy for writing a good video description?

Let us know in the comments.