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How to Improve the Quality of Your YouTube Videos?

Technology is going beyond our imaginations. Now, the objects you see on the screen appear to be in the reality for a moment. It’s ALL because of the high-quality visuals and technology used in such graphics. So, when it comes to personal use (mobile or desktop). Do you prefer watching a YouTube video in 360p or even 720p??

A BIG NO!! Why settle for less when you can have way better than that? No one would prefer watching a video of low quality. Well, it’s not just about quality. Your presentation also matters to keep the audience watching a video. So, you have to improve the quality of your YouTube videos to get more viewers, views, or subscribers.

You might be spending hours collecting useful information, but what if the other factors don’t fascinate the viewers?

So, you have to pay heed to other important factors as well. Check out what are those and then rock!

Appealing Graphics

Graphics are the first thing that people notice and it leaves a good impact in the viewers’ minds. On YouTube, you have to use graphics in different forms. The most important and the first one is the thumbnail.

A good thumbnail compels the viewers to click on the video. For attracting viewers on other social media platforms, you can use attractive banners (a kind of videos’ promo) for fascinating viewers.

Well, you might be thinking thumbnails and other graphics have nothing to do with the video quality. But how someone would analyze your video quality if they haven’t even bothered to click on it? 

So, first of all, you have to grab their attention to watch your video.

aesthetic channel art

Clear audio without distortion

Audio is another main factor that is necessary. A high-quality video must possess high-quality audio (without distortion). 

If you have high-quality visuals with a low-quality voice, then would people prefer to watch it? NO!

So, the audio and video go side by side. Well, the video type depends on your niche. Like if you’re teaching people how to use the software, then you must be presenting your screen.

On the other hand, if you’re a motivational speaker, play games, do makeup tutorials, then your video would be of a different kind. Along with this, audio has to be clear as well. It MUST NOT be too low or too loud.

high quality audio for videos

Lighting for YouTube videos

Being a YouTuber, you must be familiar with the struggle of getting enough lighting, backgrounds, transitions, and all that stuff.

Lighting is very important for clear visuals and it has a great impact on viewers. Proper lighting is very important for that purpose.

If you’re a vlogger, you must be sharing your daily routine by simply taking out your smartphone. You might be more concerned about getting enough natural light. But still, that’s not completely enough.

You need artificial lighting as well. For that purpose, I’d suggest you invest a little bit of lighting and get a proper small studio for filming YouTube videos. It will drastically improve the quality of your YouTube video.

lighting for filming a video

Use editing software to improve the quality

Filming a video GOOD video (backed up by authentic information) is not enough. A little editing can do wonders for you if DONE correctly. 

You don’t need to purchase the expensive software or need to be PRO in editing. If you’re a beginner, you can start from a little step.

You can even use some FREE software for animations and editing a video. For YouTube, you might need some transitions, effects, animations for call-to-actions.

So, you can find software for those reasons. However, don’t mind investing in your business if you get MORE value in return for some bucks.

edit the youtube videos

Final Words

For winning more viewers, subscribers, or views consistently, you need to improve the quality of your YouTube videos.

A good video must be good enough to grab attention, provide some valuable information to the viewers, and keep them connected till the end.

If you want to improve the YouTube video’s quality then you must pay heed to the above-mentioned factors for better results.

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