how to move a youtube channel to a youtube brand

How to Move a YouTube Channel to YouTube Brand

If a vendor comes to you and tries to sell a watch worth $500, would you buy it?

NO! Many thoughts would appear in your mind; it may be a loss (even if you liked it); you don’t know the vendor how you can spend money? The watch may not be good enough, and the list goes on. 

On the flip side, if a renowned brand is selling a watch worth $800. You’d BUY it if you liked it!

Why? You TRUST the brand! This is how branding does wonder! So, you have to build a strong brand image on YouTube or move YouTube channel to brand. 

Once this is done, you’ll start seeing the results that may last longer.

Branding seems hard, but it’s easier once done. Why? Because you know your direction, values, path, goals, mission, and destination. 

So, let’s understand how you can stand out in the crowd.

Determine the existing position

For planning to go ahead, you need to determine where you stand at the moment. Most probably, you don’t need to start from scratch. You just need minor changes.

It’s NEVER too late. Sometimes you still have a chance to mold your strategies and move with a new mindset in the same direction (with little changes and more confidence).

After analyzing the position, you’d have an idea of why you’re lagging. If you want more clarity, you can do competitor analysis as well. It will help you look onto the insights with an eagle eye. You’d understand how they’re progressing day by day.

After that, know your goals and objectives. And plan to achieve them strategically. It all starts with an idea. If they can do, why can’t you?

analysis to move a channel to a branded youtube channel

Understand your audience

If you’re really serious about getting into business, then you must understand your audience. It’s NOT wise to ignore the existing ones and hope for new ones to come.

First of all, you have to satisfy those who are already connected with you because xxxxxx followers don’t mean $$$$$ means more than that. In other words, quality over quantity!

If you have active subscribers or viewers on YouTube, and you know how to keep them, then you can earn more money. But the more followers with ZERO results are actually worthless. And you’re just wasting time on creating, editing, and uploading videos.

Do an interview, or ask your followers (by any means) what they think about you and your content and what do they want more from you. It will help you understand the viewers’ perspective. 

understand your youtube audience

Reform Channel Graphics

Do you know the importance of visuals and impact on the human brain? If you’d know, that would be your priority to get into the people’s mind and heart.

We like more visuals. We love watching videos. We love seeing pictures. We store memories in the form of visuals (videos or images). We don’t keep memories in the form of text. And whenever we put a glimpse, we feel ourselves at that moment.

That’s how visuals affect our brain, memories, and emotions. Research says you can learn and memorize better with visuals. So, try to grab the attention of people with enchanting visuals (that compels them to click on your YouTube video).

You have to use the graphics with specific colors, fonts, and animations. Then upload the channel cover, profile image, and custom thumbnails accordingly.

how to build a brand on youtube

To-DOs for YouTube Branding

Well, branding is not about having a branded colors, website, or social media presence. It’s more than that.

It’s about how you respond to the viewers or even haters. Your brand should possess a specific brand voice and way of connecting with people. You try to make a connection with your subscribers instead of just wanting them to watch you.

Also, social media is MUST, and you should make your profiles to connect with people on different social media platforms. While you’re about to move a YouTube channel to brand, so you may have to do it from scratch. And your quality content will make them glued on the screen for a long.

PRO TIP: You can also sell your merchandise as well. It really attracts people. Also, get a premium membership. Join the YouTube Partner Program to enjoy more features. 

to-dos for youtube channel branding

Final Thoughts

Moving an existing channel would be a little bit tricky because it impacts the existing subscribers and viewers. So you have to play smartly to step up your game.

Branded YouTube channel will fill up your pocket with more cash. So, if you have to invest a little, don’t hesitate! NO Business can grow without investment. Think of your YouTube channel as a business. 

You’ll find many opportunities, avail it to become successful. And don’t forget, Sky is the limit!

Let’s know how you are going to move your YouTube channel to the brand? What’s your progress at the moment, and where do you see yourself in the next five years?