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What are “Suggested Videos” & How to Appear Video in this Section

The video appearing in the “suggested videos” section on YouTube is more likely to be watched. They are mostly relevant to the user’s choice. So, the chances of viewing such videos increases 2x.

It’s a good way to increase the views, watch time, or escalate the engagement rate on video. You can not just rank the videos, but also emerge as a successful YouTuber.

We have assembled some important points for you to understand what are suggested videos and how you can appear in that section.

So, let’s get started!

What are the Suggested Videos on YouTube?

Suggested videos are the list of videos that appear below the one you watch. This list varies depending upon several factors.

The suggested videos on YouTube are more likely to be watched.

When you search for something on YouTube, a list of the video appears in the search results. You click on the most relevant one (depending upon your research).

While watching the video, you see a list appearing in the bottom (in mobile) and in the upper right corner (in desktop).

Those are suggested or recommended videos.

recommended section on youtube

How to Appear in the Suggested Videos on YouTube?

Well, as I have mentioned above, there can be many factors to appear in the suggested videos section. And, as a YouTuber, it’s MUST for you to make an effort to appear in the recommended videos.

What you’ll get by this? Views, viewers, subscribers, watch time, high engagement, and much more! 

So, who’d deny? You should consider this opportunity to increase the views, subscribers, watch time, and other metrics.

YouTube usually showcase the content for three reasons in the suggested videos section on YouTube. These are;

  • promoted by YouTube algorithm
  • similar to the content (you’re watching) 
  • based on your interest and category (watch history)

Technically, you have to trigger these three elements to appear in the recommended videos.

So, do you want to know how it will work? Yay? Cool! Keep reading till the end!

how to appear in recommended section

Tips to appear in the suggested videos

Being a Youtuber you must know these factors (I’m going to mention below), if not, check out our other posts for more details.

On the flip side, if you watch YouTube as a user, you also understand what a user is looking for in the content. And what makes them glued on the screen for a long time.

So, you should understand it more deeply to give your viewers a moment that feels “Ah! This is what I was looking for!”

Create Engaging Content 

Do you know the key to keep viewers watching your video? If not, let me tell you. Engagement is the key to keep viewers watching your video for long.

So, what makes the content engaging? For this, you should provide unique content, try to make it spicier by adding the other ingredients (hook, conversational tone, fun-loving & energetic style, and colorful surroundings).

Speak to your viewers like you’re talking to them directly. They will enjoy watching it. Also, you must have good communication skills to sharply inject your idea into the viewer’s mind.

By doing this, you’ll increase the engagement metrics; watch time, watch hours, engagement, views, comments, etc. So, it will signal and warm up the YouTube algorithm.

high quality content

Optimize Video for the Search Results 

Another tip to trigger the YouTube algorithm is to optimize the video for the search results.

Optimizing the content by SEO tactics is essential for ranking. For this, you have to add the right keywords in the video metadata.

It includes the title, description, and tags. Well, finding the keywords is not a big deal, but targeting the right one is crucial. You have to choose the one that is more relevant and specific to the topic.

It must depict the idea of the whole content. This way, you can rank your video in the search results along with showcasing them in the suggested videos section.

So, you’ll be increasing views, subscribers, and other metrics by both means.

optimize the channel and videos to rank higer in the search results

Aesthetic graphics (thumbnails)

Graphics are a great way to drive traffic on the YouTube channel. Visuals grab attention so rapidly. So, here is an opportunity for you!

Create high-quality and eye-catchy graphics for your YouTube channel. When people see a list of videos in front of their eyes, do you know what makes them click on it? It’s Title and Thumbnail

The title should be precise and the thumbnail should be appealing.

Thumbnails are often the first things people notice. So, how would you create an appealing one? Choose bright colors, use branded fonts, add your image (to give personal touch), and high-quality graphics. 

When it comes to the title, it should be precise and keywords-rich. If you’re adding your main keyword in the title, then there are high chances of ranking.

titles and thumbnails for youtube metadat


Final Thoughts

So, now you understand what are suggested videos and how you can appear in it.

The process is a bit tricky, which means you have to go with a strategic approach and play smartly to step up your YouTube game.

Sooner or later, you’d be able to achieve your goals and count yourself as a YouTube star.

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Happy learning!