what are youtube 360 degree videos

What are YouTube 360-degree videos?

360-degree videos grant an enticing experience with a view in all directions. These are the spherical videos that permit the person to opt for where to look because it can be seen from every angle.

The intent is to provide an experience as if you were there, unlike a traditional video. Considering 360-degree videos on YouTube, it all about filming and viewing the content in this video format to provide a better experience to the viewers.

Virtual Reality is analogously used with 360-degree videos, but the major difference is how they are viewed. YouTube 360-degree is a real-time panorama recorded either by a camera that records in all directions or a variety of cameras/lenses synced together.

Virtual Reality offers to watch the content in a specially designed headset that allows for mesmeric viewing and fascinate you in a manner that is implausible while watching a  360-degree video on a phone or desktop computer. It is viewed via a VR headset (like Vive).

How to watch a 360-degree video?

YouTube 360-degree videos can be viewed on both smartphones and laptops/computers. You can watch the videos like other videos (normally you watch on YouTube). Click and drag anywhere on the video or tilt the screen of your mobile to look around.

Smartphones consist of an installed sensor called the gyroscope that can pan the video hinged on the orientation of your phone. They hold stereoscope style corrals for smooth viewing of 360-degree videos.

The lenses existing within the corrals allows for display on the phone screens. So, you can easily watch it on YouTube without much hassle.

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How to record YouTube 360-degree videos?

The video is recorded through significant equipment of several cameras or an exclusive camera that holds various lenses installed in a specific device that allows for filming in all directions in a panoramic view.

It strings along with the principle of video stitching where separate videos are merged into one spherical piece making sure that the color, contrast, and hues are compatible with one another.

The course of action is achieved through the camera itself or via any software that interprets the common animations, audios, and scenes to integrate them all.

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Devices for 360-degree videos

These videos impart a fish eye effect showing a spherical projection. There are certain distortions due to which the spherical video features lower quality in middle as compared to the top and bottom.

Omnidirectional cameras and rigs have been established solely for filing a 360-degree video such as; GoPro, 360 abysses (can be used underwater to record the marine life), Odyssey (contain multiple action cameras equipped within a frame), Nokia OZO, Samsung Gear 360, Kogeto Dot 360 (Panoramic camera lens for iPhone), Samsung Galaxy Nexus, etc.

Most of them integrate with YouTube. You can start filming immediately and upload your content directly on YouTube.

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Why YouTube 360 videos?

YouTube 360-degree is best when you want someone to be close to something and to make them feel like they were there.

You can provide a better user experience to them. Viewers would like to watch your content when they will get the exact idea of what you’re trying to show them.

Usually, travel videos are a great attempt that supports the 360 formats because you want to see it in all directions. YouTube 360-degree videos create an experience of watching a video in reality for viewers.

You can explore the video by moving your camera. This is definitely the millennium of online imagery!