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What is YouTube Video Metadata [3 elements & guide]

If I say there is one path that can make your ALL goals achievable, turn all fantasies into reality. And you have to do ONE thing for it (wholeheartedly, efficiently, & wisely). Would you say, yes? Certainly! YouTube video metadata is ONE thing that can turn your dream of “top paid YouTuber” a reality.

Yes, you read it correctly! Video’s metadata is the main essence that can lead you to the path of prosperous YouTubers.

All you need to do is spare no effort in composing useful metadata. And work on other necessary factors to be on the list of top channels with millions of subscribers, views, and viewers.

What is YouTube video metadata?

YouTube metadata is a set of ranking factors that are included in the videos before uploading. It is comprised of tags, descriptions, and titles.

These three elements are most important for your videos. There are many ways to write effective video metadata.

But, consider one thing before proceeding!

Relevancy is the KEY. Therefore, you have to write a relevant description, title, and tags.

However, metadata can be changed at any time afterwards, but it’s better to write BEST while uploading a video.

Why is video metadata important?

This question might be popping up in your head that, why it’s used for. And how it’s essential for you. Glad you asked!

Before jumping in, on this platform, you’d be familiar with the number of users and content providers.

For beginners, chances are very thin to rank if they’re shooting in the dark.

You require metadata to rank on YouTube and bring organic traffic. By this, you can multiply the number views, subscribers, and of course, your earnings from YouTube.

Elements of video’s metadata

Here are the three elements of metadata that can help boost your fanbase and increase credibility.

If you’d follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to outdate your competitors & emerge as a successful YouTuber in less time.

– titles

What do you notice first? While scrolling through YouTube, or looking for relevant videos in the search results?

The “Title”, of course!

Because the title shows, video is relevant to the query/user intent or not. So, you have to choose the title wisely.

A specific and keywords-rich title compels the viewer to click on the video (increases CTR) and quality content glue them to the screen for long.

For creating a killer title, you can add parentheses or a number. Specific titles, with parenthesis [add info], can increase the CTR by 38%.

Make sure you save the file or video with keywords and specifically chosen words (in your device). It’s an SEO ranking factor.

titles and thumbnails for youtube metadat

– description

“Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” -Kushand Wizdom

Rightly said!

The way you use your words costs you. Filling up the description space is not the goal.

In fact, if you use it efficiently, it can increase the website traffic, grow social media community, much more!

You can write up to 5000 characters. But don’t overload your description segment. Divide it into 3 parts;

1st part – introduction + main keyword

2nd part – the purpose of the video + keywords

3rd part – social media or website links

Using this formula, your video’s description will reflect professionalism.

By adding relevant keywords, you can rank your videos. This is why metadata for YouTube’s video is crucial.

description for meta data

– tags

The tag’s section allows content creators to add descriptive keywords. Those keywords will let users find your content.

Tags tell the purpose of your video. Within a space of 500 characters, target the most relevant and specific keywords.

Thus, never forget adding keywords before hitting the “save and publish” button.

tags for videos metadata

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Bonus tips: You can increase the CTR, YouTube traffic, increase the number of subscribers, views, and viewers by other factors as well.


– Thumbnails:  Custom thumbnails receive more conversions and CTR. By creating the magnificent YouTube thumbnails, you can fascinate the viewers. On YouTube, 90% of best performing videos used custom thumbnails.

-Cards:  These are small white bubbles that appear during the videos. It can help you increase the watch time. You link other videos in cards and stick people to YouTube.

These two are equally important when it comes to YouTube ranking. And you can consider them a part of YouTube videos’ metadata.

Wrap up

These three elements and guide of videos’ metadata can assist you in several ways. All you need is to follow and implement them accurately.

Moreover, never compromise on the quality, provide your viewers with the BEST, consistently.

And maintain your brand image throughout your YouTube journey because it’s your identity.

Which tactics do you apply to rank your videos? Let us know in the comments section below.