YouTube SEO guide to get more views

YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Get More Views

Do you know how YouTube’s algorithm works? It promotes the most engaging videos. It will showcase videos with more YouTube views, likes, or comments, etc.

But how can you increase the YouTube views on your videos? You’ll do it with the YouTube SEO Strategy!

The right keyword will help you rank higher in the search results, and ultimately, you’ll get more YouTube views. To be in the list of top-paid YouTubers, you have to achieve particular milestones.

So, here’s a comprehensive process of getting more views from YouTube SEO.

Keywords Research

First of all, you have to find specific and relevant keywords for your videos. Keywords will show your videos in the search results. If you’d target the right one, your video will appear right after the search queries.

However, there are various ways to find keywords. There are many tools out there that make the search process easy.

You can even add an extension on chrome, and it will provide you with the analytics as well.

YouTube also provides you with a bunch of keywords. Wondering how?

When you search for something on YouTube, it will show the relevant queries in the suggestions. Those phrases are 100% legit because people actually search for them on YouTube.

do a keywords research for youtube seo

Save the file with the main Keyword

Another tip for ranking higher in the search results and getting more YouTube views is to save a file (video) with the main keyword. It works the same way you do for blogs or articles (if you write).

Whenever you include any media in the text, you make sure that it’s completely optimized by context and main keyword.

In the same way, you have to optimize your filename with the main keyword.

For example, your video may be saved with the name “15GmhgbFJ02mams_oahb1” (don’t feel embarrassed we all do this). You have to change its name to the “YouTube SEO ranking tips”.

It was just an example, the title would be anything, depending upon content. But make sure it must have a primary keyword.

save filename with keywords

Optimize the title and description

The next step in the YouTube SEO process is to optimize your title and description. Your video’s title and description should have the main keyword. Your content should revolve around that key phrase.

The title plays a key role in increasing CTR (Click-Through-Rate). If viewers are clicking on your video, then they’re most likely to watch it. And you’d get the YouTube views this way.

A good title has to be specific, concise, and keywords-rich. To make the title more compelling, you can add digits or parentheses in the title (if appropriate). For example, you can write 8 tips to get ranked on YouTube [additional info]”

When it comes to the description, it’s helpful for both viewers and the YouTube algorithm. And both are ranking factors too. The relevant videos will show up to more viewers, and you’ll get more views. This is how YouTube SEO works to get more views on videos.

In the description section, include the primary and main keywords along with sharing links of social media accounts and websites. Furthermore, write a short and sweet description that should be highly relevant.

optimize title and description for more views

Include tags in your videos

While uploading a video on YouTube, it asks you to add tags. However, it’s not necessary but recommended, and your YouTube SEO is incomplete without a “tags”.

So, what should you include in this section?

You’ve to play smartly to step up your game. If you’d add the right tags, your chances to be viewed would be 2x more than before.

Here you must add the main keyword (your ranking phrase) and make sure your content revolves around it.

Also, you can’t add all of your keywords, so choose the most specific ones that will help you rank higher and increase YouTube views or subscribers.

tags for videos metadata

Custom thumbnails

Along with a title, image is another factor that has an impact on the number of views. It is said;

The picture is worth a 1000 words

That’s completely true! Visuals have more impact than textual information. This is why the brain absorbs the visual information easily. So, you should create catchy images, called “Thumbnails” for your videos.

It can increase the number of YouTube views and CTR simultaneously. If people are clicking on your videos, they’re more likely to watch it.

According to the Creators Academy, 90% of the well-performing videos have custom thumbnails. If you’d add your image (with a face) to give it a personal touch, then it will have more impact.

However, after clicking on the video, Quality Content is the thing that keeps the viewers engaged till the end.

custom thumbnails (youtube seo strategy)

Use Cards & Add Captions

To increase the number of views on your YouTube videos (on other related videos as well). You can use cards to interlink them.

According to the Creators Academy, cards are the small white icons with an “i” appears during the video. It directs the viewers to the other videos. This way, you’ll increase more YouTube views on other videos.

It’s a great feature if you have a video related to a playlist. However, you should categorize your videos. Categorizing helps to organize the videos in the playlists.

YouTube is a worldwide used search engine and website. Most probably, you’d have viewers all around the world, they’re not bounded to the national level.

Some of them would not be a native speaker (of the language you use to create content).

So, you have to add captions to help others understand your content easily.

use cards and captions to get more views

Final thoughts

Well, here were the simple tactics of YouTube SEO to get more views. For appearing higher in the search results, you have to follow these tactics.

Well, this strategy will work for you if you’re creating high-quality and engaging content.

It’s the quality content backed up by kickass YouTube SEO strategy that ranks you higher.

So, never compromise on it!

If you found these tips helpful, then let us know in the comments below!