YouTube Hashtags: Get More Views & Rank Videos With Hashtags

YouTube video hashtags work the same way as they work on other platforms. When you add the hashtags on YouTube videos, it can appear in the search results easily.

Those tags, phrases, or keywords can be added in the video with this “#” sign (without space between words). Add this sign before the keyword you want to rank for. It categorizes your video for that particular niche.

Sometimes, people find your content because of the tags you add in the videos or posts on social media accounts.

However, there’s a common question that appears in the mind of content creators. And they’re always curious to know that “Do YouTube hashtags help the SEO or not?”

Here is the answer, “Yes, it does!”

Today, we’ll discuss it in detail.

So, keep reading until the end!

YouTube Video Hashtags

As I said earlier, hashtags are used within the video to boost discoverability with trending topics. If you’ll add the trendy ones, then there are high chances your video will appear or rank for it.


When you click hashtags in the post (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram), you land on the other post (containing that hashtag).

Similarly, your video can be viewed the same way along with the trendy topics or related videos. You can add them in two sections in your video.

  • Video’s title
  • Video’s description

It’s a good practice to add them in both sections to boost your presence on YouTube. When you’ll add them in the description, YouTube will automatically pick 3 the most relevant for the video’s title.

what are hashtags on youtube

YouTube Videos Hashtags Generator

How do you rank your videos, blog posts, or article in any search engine?

Of course, through KEYWORDS! And how do you get those keywords? From keywords TOOL.

Similarly, there’re some tools or video hashtag generators that provide you with the bundle of popular search phrases, tags, or keywords. It improves video visibility and YouTube SEO.

Basically, the hashtags are the trending phrases that people are looking for in the search bar. However, you can find those phrases and keywords by tools as well.

Also, you can use the primary and most relevant secondary keywords with a pound (#) sign.


Some of the most commonly used tools are;

youtube hashtags generator

YouTube Hashtags for Views

It’s another factor that adds more to the clarity of the video. According to the Creator’s Academy, YouTube’s visibility and SEO improves with the video hashtags.

Also, some people use it to see the relevant videos. YouTube provides two ways to land on videos with related hashtags.

You can either use the YouTube search bar or click on the hashtags (on which you want to see the video).

Let’s look at the example! If someone has added #socialmediamarketing in the video, their video will appear along with related videos.

Furthermore, when you’ll click on this hashtag, YouTube will take you to another video containing these terms or phrases.

views on youtube

Do’s & Don’ts

As you’re familiar with the term “keywords stuffing.” But let me tell you again, in case if you don’t know about it.

No search engine allows you to overdo the keywords. It means you can’t add them too much in the content. If you’d do, it may cause problems for you.

For avoiding this, you have to sprinkle keywords naturally in the content.

So, some of the precautionary measure (DON’TS) for you are;

  1. Don’t overuse the keywords or phrases
  2. Don’t add irrelevant terms in the content
  3. Don’t’ use space in the phrase you want to use as hashtags (i.e. #youtubeseotips instead of #youtube SEO tips)

Some tips and tricks (DO’S) you should follow

  1. Use branded hashtag
  2. Find trendy phrases/hashtags for YouTube videos
  3. Use keywords tools for authentic phrases

dos and donts for youtube hashtags

Bottom Line

Well, the process of finding the phrases is easy, but choosing the RIGHT one is critical. So, make sure you choose the YouTube hashtags for videos wisely because it can be a make or break!

You can rank higher in the search results because the more people would watch your video, the more it will be shown in the search results. Ultimately, you’ll be able to count yourself in the top paid YouTubers!

So, how do you get traffic with hashtags on other social media platforms? Does it help to get the right audience? 

If it helped you, then let us know in the comments below! and don’t forget to share this article with others! 

Happy learning!