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Umair Haq

This service is top quality. You are not paying for some bot views just to raise the numbers but for proper promotion that gives you engagement and good watch time. You can’t go wrong with YoloFame!!!

David Kaufman

This is the first time of working with them and I have to say I am very impressed. They did everything they promised to do and his communication was excellent. I won’t hesitate to use them in the future.

Sarah Walker

YoloFame did an outstanding job of getting my video exposure. I started at about 300 views and after a couple of days was up over 1300. The communication was great, and delivered as promised! I, 100% recommend!!

Pros and Cons of Paid and Free YouTube Likes

With countless views on videos and billion users present on YouTube, the chances for new and advanced opportunities have opened. These opportunities can be from running your own business through YouTube and be able to reach your target or own a completely separate YouTube channel and be able to upload videos on exciting topics and earn money through them. Websites like YouTube and many others have been able to change the numerous perspectives and dynamics which were present for its audience for an extended period. Now, as times have changed, and there is advancement, there are many concepts that have changed as well.

Now YouTube is not a simple video sharing website; it is one of the largest video sharing websites and has been able to play its role in the growth of businesses and other industries as well.

With the addition of new features of sharing and many more, YouTube has been able to become famous and make an entirely separate identity for itself, proving that it can also help in the matters of predicting success and failure.

Even if it is an advertisement for a product, an old movie, songs of your favorite film, clips of different sports matches, or even any news clip, everything is now present on YouTube where people from all over the globe can go and view it.

There are different channels with different aims uploading videos with the same interest to increase their viewership and be able to create content that is liked by their viewers so that they can successfully create more content like that, and the audience keeps on loving it.

There are many different competitors as well who are creating content which is either similar to each other or slightly different but how do they know which video or whose content is preferred by the audience; it’s the YouTube likes that help to understand this and minimize the confusion.

Many ways can help to decide whose and what content is preferred, and amongst them, likes are one of the effective methods.

The concept of YouTube likes

Below every YouTube video, there are two thumbs present; while one represents a like, the other represents a dislike.

This means that when a viewer likes the content of the video or any other feature in the video, they hit the like button. Similarly, if they don’t like the video, they hit the unlike button.

The number of thumbs up clicked by the people represents the total number of likes of a video, and they represent the individual likes and dislikes, which means that the channel owner has this facility to know which of his uploaded videos were liked and which were not liked.

He then has an idea of what kind of video he should make next and how much effort should he put in to make sure to get more likes than his previous videos. This can also help to understand the performance of the channel based on the number of YouTube likes.

It is because of this and the need to beat one’s competitor that people prefer to buy YouTube likes instead of waiting to see the free YouTube likes they would get on their videos.

Difference between bought and free YouTube likes

There are slight differences between likes if they are paid or free, but majorly they represent the number of likes on a video.

One of the significant differences is that the number of likes that are free is received by uploading the video and waiting for some time to get free YouTube likes, this may take a while.

On the other hand, the people who buy YouTube likes can get the desired number of likes in a comparatively less amount of time and can benefit from the likes faster than the ones waiting to get free YouTube likes.

Paid likes are readily available on the internet for anyone who wants to buy likes. Various websites are selling them in the form of packages.

While there are packages that only contain a fixed number of likes on the video along with the different customer services until the work is done, there are also various package deals that include a mix of different services provided by the company.

There are reviews present on the website, and the customer service is also available for anyone who wants to know different things before availing the service. Moreover, they are available at discounted prices as well.

So if you’re looking to buy YouTube likes, these websites are for you. The following points though, discuss the pros and cons of bought likes.


Social Existence

Those who buy YouTube likes are able to create a social existence for their channel. This helps them to attract the attention of different and famous brands and individuals as well.

They are later able to collaborate with them and create content for both the channels.

These can be based on just one video or multiple videos as well, which eventually helps to market your video on various channels as well as several forums at the same time.

Following these, other brands from different genres may get in touch with your channel and create more videos with you.

When people look up your channel, they are then able to find a robust social existence, which can further help you even to increase your viewers globally.

Instant Boost

The paid services provide an instant boost to the different videos or even to one particular video.

There are times when the content creator has created videos that are very good regarding the content or other features, but they are unable to get the right amount of likes, or maybe it is taking them more time to get those likes.

This is when this instant boost helps. It not only increases the number of likes but also encourages the creator and helps to advertise the channel on its own as well.

Helps to attract Organic Traffic

When the number of likes on a video increases, the chances of it being present in the search bar of YouTube also increases.

So when the viewers are looking for videos to view, they will be able to see your video in the search and maybe even watch it.

Therefore the likes bought are useful as they assist in attracting the organic traffic towards the video and the channel simultaneously.


An easier way

Of the cons of this is that it is somewhat a more natural way or can also be known as a shortcut.

Buying likes does help by providing a boost and increasing likes. The pros might seem more noticeable than the cons, but the ones who buy these likes are not able to run their channel correctly.

They are not able to understand their audience or even able to know how to use their videos and the content for marketing or other purposes.

Also, it’s not a surety that the likes achieved on the videos are all from their target audience; it could be from various accounts that may or may not be interested in your videos.

In a way, the money and the effort spent on buying these likes is a waste.


There are various websites from where one can easily buy YouTube likes and can increase the number of likes on their videos, but it’s not always like that.

With the increase in the number of companies who are providing this service, there are various websites as well who are not anything but a scam.

They tend to show fake data, and when a buyer falls for it, they can steal from him. This is one of the most notable cons of buying these likes.

Special attention should be given while buying and before that proper research should be done, others should be asked for a recommendation, there should be questions asked from the customer service to make sure they know what they are doing and to avoid scams.

Also, reviews of different companies and individuals should be read so that one can make a better decision for themselves.

Clueless about the content

Since the content creator buys the likes, he remains clueless about the content of his videos.

Which kind of content is being liked by his viewers and which is being disliked becomes very unclear and creates confusion and problem for him.

He is not able to rank the content of his videos from the most liked to the least since the likes bought do not help him in this aspect.

In conclusion, where likes bought can help a channel to grow, free YouTube likes can do the same. They just tend to take a bit more time than anticipated but are helpful to understand the pattern and how much time it will take to get a certain number of likes they require.

The rest lies in the hands of the owner of the channel to decide if they want to buy YouTube likes or would wait to get free likes.

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