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Shelby Church

YoloFame never disappoint! It was my second time working with them and they did the best. Because of them, my channel’s watch hour increased and now I am eligible for monetization.

Clarke Soule

I wasn’t trusting anyone with my channel but team YoloFame cleared my every doubt and started working. Now, I am grateful to them for doing that. 

Murphy J.

These guys went above and beyond with my order. They even helped me with the technicalities during the process. I highly recommend them to anyone who want watch hours.

Buy Watch Hours to get monetized on YouTube

The video-sharing website with billions of users who is either viewing or uploading videos has been able to use YouTube to their advantage and be able to promote their channels containing videos filled with different kinds of content. YouTube which has various types of videos present on it, either being entertainment videos, news clippings, web series, documentaries or any video related to any kind genre, they are easily found on YouTube.

YouTube has also been providing its users with different facilities to help them and with the advancement in technology has been able to provide them with various opportunities so that they can gain more views on their videos and make them more viral.

Where YouTube analytics were involved in a lot of factors, it later began to include the feature of watch hours or watch time as well to play a better role in the promotion of videos and channels.

YouTube Watch Time or Watch Hours

In simple words watch hours or watch time refers to the total amount of time that a viewer tends to spend while watching the videos that belong to your channel.

Some years back YouTube used the number of likes on a video along with YouTube analytics to rank the different videos belonging from different channels.

Later this pattern changed and YouTube began to use YouTube watch hours or YouTube watch time to decide the videos that would stay on top.

This means that now the videos that come on the top of the results are the ones that have the most audience retention and are going viral as well.

This is also called the retention time as the viewers have a particular attention span so they are only able to watch the videos for a specific period but if the content of the videos is liked by the audience it is possible that their watch time automatically increases and this is what is noticed by YouTube which later allows it to put up your videos through search and the list of recommended videos further promoting your channel.

How can they be increased?

There are different ways to increase YouTube watch time. They can either be increased by organic ways known as free YouTube watch time and bought watch time.

If a channel has different playlists created related to a similar topic, it can help achieve free watch time as well.

Once a person clicks on a video the other videos play automatically and it assists to keep the viewer playing the various videos present in the playlist.

Moreover, the thumbnails of the videos and the titles of the videos should be very clear which helps to represent and give the audience a hit of what is reflected inside the video. This way the audience gets more interested to watch them.

Using a long-tail keyword can also be helpful and provides one with the possible topics that his audience will probably be interested in watching.

These steps should be completed in both cases of getting free or bought watch time but the other way of buying helps to reach the target easily and efficiently.

This act of buying is completely legal and is used by various companies and individual channel owners to make sure that they are making an effort to promote their business and be able to create awareness about it amongst its target audience, but before buying the buyer should consider the following points to make sure that the efforts they are making for the promotion are safe and will not cause any problem to the channel or the videos.

Points to consider before buying YouTube Watch Time

It is easy to buy YouTube watch time or hours from different websites that are present over the internet.

There is no problem, one has to select the packages which suit their need and the price range that they prefer and they are easily able to buy YouTube watch hours but before all this buying it is important to make sure that one considers different points and pays attention to them.

The buying can all go to waste if the channel and the various videos are not properly set and they are not completing the requirement of a good video.

Additionally before buying the watch hours one should be sure enough about the videos whose watch hours they want should be increased, when they want it to be increased, what kind of ratings they prefer of the websites they want to buy it from and if this buying is worth it or not.

Apart from all, that one should make sure that they carefully analyze their channel and the videos present on it and are clear about the various points mentioned below.

Deciding the goals and objectives

Deciding upon the goals and objectives is one of the most important points to consider in itself.

Unless the individual decides upon the goals and objectives as to how they want their YouTube watch hours to increase and what other services and indicators they want to be improved, it is useless to buy YouTube watch hours.

All this buying could go to waste if not properly planned and if done without setting proper goals and objectives which could be fulfilled by buying the watch hours.

They might opt for a package deal offering many services along with YouTube watch hours which they might realize that they do not need later and are already charged a lot of money for it which is now non-refundable.

Therefore, goals and objectives are very important and it is always recommended to go according to them.


The second point in line is research.

It is vital to do complete research.

This research here particularly points to the various websites from where one might be interested to buy YouTube watch hours.

The trend of buying has increased to be able to beat your competitors or get the right amount of watch hours to make the viewers that are new to your channel and videos more interested in your content.

Before deciding from which website you’re going to buy YouTube watch time the most efficient thing to do is to survey and search a lot of other websites that are present on the internet.

Going through each one of them one by one, writing down a couple of questions and asking them those questions to make sure that they are not fake.

Simultaneously asking for suggestions from others who might have to use the service and reading the reviews mentioned at the end of each website.

This helps to make sure that the website is real and safe and can use them for similar service or some other service later as well.


Ratings depend on a lot of things.

Services, prices, package deals and packages, customer service, their speed and many more.

It’s always good to make sure that the website you’re opting for not just has good reviews, along with pricing but also has amazing ratings in terms of the services they provide entirely.

In that way, the buyer will be able to make a good decision and will not waste his money on a company that offers good package deals but its speed or customer service is not that good.


When looking for the best websites to buy YouTube watch hours, one may come across some websites which will offer free trials.

These websites offer free trials to show their level of efficiency and speed with which they would do your work.

It’s one of the best and one of the safest ways to test the speed and compete with different services providers against each other by seeing which provides better service.

This not only helps to decide the best website but also helps to put confidence in yourself further assisting you to make the best decision for your YouTube channel and videos.


Pricing is always fundamental while considering buying a service and is therefore in the list of the things that one needs to consider.

Websites that are offering the services have varying prices as well. Some might offer good services but might be very expensive and out of your price range.

Although all these websites claim to provide these varying services at discounted rates they can still prove to be out of your range.

Hence, it is better to compare the prices and go for the one with a good price range. Sometimes to provide a head start to the videos, one might buy expensive or cheap packages who are not offering a lot of watch hours.

The next time they are buying they might go for the package that is opposite to the one they bought before and it falls into their range as well or maybe because their need has changed.

After all, these have been considered and all the websites are evaluated according to these, it is easy to decide which website one would be choosing to buy the watch time for their videos.

It should always be made sure to buy from the right seller and that the watch time bought is authentic and not fake or a lie so that it does not hurt your channel and the videos watch time.

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YouTube Watch Hours FAQs

YouTube now accept those channels that have 4000 watch hours and 1k subscribers at least. You can buy as many watch hours you want, from us.

Just place your order and give us the link of your channel. The rest is our job.

Yes, if your content is interesting and interactive, you’ll gain subscribers too. We cannot say anything for sure because the promotion is 100% organic hence results vary.

Yes, we provide 100% safe and secure watch hours. Our methods and strategies are in accordance with the TOS of the YouTube.

Yes, the watch hours will stay forever with your channel and will not drop over the time.  That’s the proof of real and organic work!!!

You can buy as many hours as you want. We have flexible package listed above. If you want more, feel free to contact us.

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